Tree Injections FAQs: Here Are Our Lawn Care Great Falls VA Pros’ Answers!

When it comes to tree care, many homeowners consider that the most challenging work ends with the beginning of the cold season. After all, trees lie dormant in fall and winter, needing little maintenance. As long as we mulch them correctly and protect them against frost, we should let trees be. However, our landscaping company in Great Falls, VA, is here to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding tree injections.

1. When Should We Inject Trees?

Some of the most common types of tree injections are tree fertilizers that nourish and keep them safe throughout winter. Moreover, these nutritious treatments will help the trees fend off the spring threats (weeds, pests, weather conditions, maintenance accidents, etc.) better. As you can realize, the best time to feed your trees and give them strength during the harsh winter weather is at the beginning (or in the middle) of the cold season. Ask your local lawn care in Great Falls, VA company about inspecting and treating your trees in winter!

2. What Are the Benefits of Tree Injections?

Tree injections use different blends of substances to protect them from pests, fungi, tree diseases, and more. You can use pesticide sprays to keep pests at bay, and you can indeed have our experts in lawn care in Great Falls, VA, to fertilize your yard, but tree injections come with a particular set of benefits:

  • External safety: children and pets can stay around injected trees with no problems because the chemicals do not reach the exterior.
  • Not invasive tree care: drilling a small hole into the tree’s base sounds intrusive, but in truth, it is a safer method of tree maintenance compared to others. However, make sure you work with a Great Falls, VA professional landscaping company to avoid potential bark damages.
  • Numerous intervention possibilities: commercial-grade tree injections come in different blends so that you can have specific interventions against pests and insects, fungi, diseases, etc. You can also inject your trees for fertilization purposes or to deflower trees with nuisance flowers or seeds.

3. Can You Inject Your Trees by Yourself?

Our lawn care experts in Great Falls, VA, do not recommend it. It would help if you had professional landscapers who use the right substances for the right tree types for the best results. You need inspections and expert diagnosis and interventions. For such a matter, call our landscaping company in Great Falls, VA, for more help!