How to Limit Overwinter Pests Activity: Lawn Care Experts in Potomac MD Share Their Tips

When winter comes, everything goes to sleep, even insects and pests. Or so you wish. Overwintering pests can still be a problem, as many engage in subversive and destructive behavior. Today, our experts in lawn care in Potomac MD are here to share some tips on how to protect your lawn from such critters.

1. Look for Signs on Green Trees or Shrubs

If you have winter-resilient trees and shrubs, such as spruce trees, junipers, or boxwood, take your time to inspect their leaves and branches. If you see small and discolored dots, you may have a spider mite infestation on your hands. Our lawn service specialists in Potomac MD suggest you should discuss things with them and build a plan for spring to avoid an infestation.

2. Monitor the Moles and Skunks Activity on Your Property

Moles and skunks have plenty of reasons to infiltrate your property during winter. They are most likely looking for shelter and food. Keep in mind they have a soft spot for grubs and will dig deep to find them. While you won’t see the grubs in the winter, they are there and make the best dinner for skunks and moles.

Talk to your local lawn service in Potomac MD about your grub-related worries. Grubs overwinter and wait for spring months to come out and ruin your entire lawn, so you’d better prepare ahead. Your lawn care experts can help you devise an early spring intervention plan against grubs.

3. Keep Your Property Neat and Clean

As you probably know, any pile of dead leaves or vegetal debris is the best place to entertain a host of pests. Our lawn maintenance specialists in Potomac MD suggest you engage in the following property and lawn care activities to limit the damage caused by chinch bugs, ants, and other overwintering pests:

  • Remove any thatch, dead leaves, and vegetal debris from your lawn regularly;
  • Keep the areas around your house as clean as possible; chinch bugs may want to break in and enter your home as well;
  • Check around trees and at the basis of grasses and flowerbeds for signs of insect activity;
  • Clean and tidy up sheds, storage rooms, and the garage, and so on to limit pest infestations.

In case you want more tips on winter care against pests, talk to our lawn maintenance experts in Potomac MD! They will offer you the assistance you need with such matters.