Lawn Treatments Pros in Great Falls VA Share the Principles of Mid-Winter Lawn Preparations

Preparing your lawn for winter should start in mid to late fall. However, not all homeowners had the time or knowledge to implement winterization strategies. Is it too late for your yard? Is the cold season going to take a toll on your lawn? Lawn treatments experts in Great Falls, VA are here to share their suggestions and principles on mid-winter lawn prepping.

1. Remove the fallen leaves before the first snow

If you let them sit on the ground, the roots in the soil will not get enough light and will most likely die. Moreover, wet leaves on the lawn encourage the development of snow mold and other lawn diseases.

2. Winterize the yard in December with professional help

Proper winterization should take place in mid or late fall. Nevertheless, if you didn’t have the time for it, you can still apply winter fertilizers until mid-December. Make sure, though, that you benefit from the professional help of your lawn fertilization service in Great Falls, VA. Your local specialists know your lawn best and can offer you a proper winterization program that factors in your soil, types of cold season grasses you grow, and other elements that influence the thriving of your lawn.

3. Winterize not for growth, but survival

Many homeowners believe that winter fertilization will help the grasses grow taller, stronger, and faster in spring. Winterization helps the roots store energy (sugar, actually) so they can survive the winter and recover in spring.

4. Pick the right fertilizers in the right doses

Mid-winter fertilization requires expertise and skill. Since you are already late a bit, you should pick the right fertilizers and apply them with extraordinary care. Otherwise, you will utilize them for nothing, as they will be inefficient. Our local lawn treatments specialists in Great Falls VA can help you with the application. They can also instruct you on the right fertilizers and their proper use. As a piece of advice, make sure you select the correct fertilizers for the types of grasses you grow (cold-season turf vs. warm-season turf).

5. Timing is of the essence

If you apply winter fertilizers in December, you should know that the nitrogen promotes early spring green-up. For this reason, you should delay spring fertilization to May or even June. Discuss such matters with your local lawn fertilization company in Great Falls, VA. Your team knows best what your soil and turf need in all seasons.