Happy Customers

The professionals at Green Hill Landscaping have been taking good care of our property for years - and we trust them completely. Great customer service, and they have always addressed any concerns I had quickly. Super team!

Lee Godown

We have been using Green Hill Landscaping for 10 seasons. They are very professional. The three area mangers that we have worked with are Brandon, Andrew and Rami. All three have always provided first rate service while quoting jobs or giving us ideas of how to improve our property. They always follow up in a timely manner The in house office staff is friendly and will work with you on scheduling jobs around the clients busy schedule. We have been very pleased with the crews that come and perform the landscaping as well as the grass and fertilizer crews.

Joseph Balsamo

I have had Green Hill employed at my home since around 1978 when we first moved into our home in Oakton, VA. and we have 2 1/2 acres. I have witnessed the company expand and thrive, growing to become an excellent "Green Machine" that performs everything one would need. I have remained a customer for 40 year plus, and I am sure it hasn't always been easy for them to deal with me. I am now a 77 year old woman. New companies have moved into my area by the dozen, over time, but none have even come close. Anyone that knows me knows that I feel the quality is as important as value, and believe me I have compared alot. The others just don't match up. Green Hill does an excellent job with all yard needs, I don't think there is any outdoor work and maintenance they cannot do. I particularly like when they cut my grass, trim and blow...it looks like a well kept carpet. I suggest everyone look on the internet at the many things they can do for us. I not only recommend the company for residential homes but also for commercial properties as well. They have never let me down.

Maria Michaels

We are just finishing up our first mowing contract with Green Hill Landscaping and we intend to sign up for another season due to their wonderful service. The yard crew is thorough, professional, and always leave the yard looking beautiful and clean. Five stars for Green Hill!

Martha Guirguis Leone

They are very responsive to the customer needs & questions, & they respond quickly.

Rebecca Pick

Too busy to maintain a beautiful lawn and garden? Discuss it with Green Hill management, who will listen, advise and follow up with complete reliability, on large jobs and small. A delight, and a relief. Call them.

Ronald Stowe

Their office staff and owner are always right on anything I ask for, the crews are polite, the yard looks better than ever.

Leslie Byers

Very reliable and I like the menu of services with prices for each. I've called on them for special services and they have done the job at a reasonable price.

Tom Janczuk

Great Service at competitive pricing!

Brian Fein

Reliable service at a reasonable price ... Thanks!

William R. Levin

We recently switched to Green Hill and I have been very happy by their responsiveness and the number of services they offer. They go above and beyond during each visit.

Mandy Bokan

I have used Green Hill Landscaping for many, many years. I picked Green Hill after receiving competitive quotes for cutting and trimming my nearly two acres. One firm wanted twice the dollar amount that Green Hill offered. A second firm never visited me but looked at the property on the internet and submitted a quote. A third firm used by most of my neighbors never returned a phone call from me. Green Hill showed up, walked the property and offered me a very fair price. They got my business! I am so satisfied, I have not felt a need to compete my cutting and trimming needs since I first did so. Over the years there have been one or two issues with their performance that I have raised to them. My concerns were immediately addressed when they sent out an area supervisor to walk my property with me, or during the next cutting session. I have not had a concern with their performance now for years. I have recommended them to friends and neighbors without qualification.

Bud Pratsch

We just moved in June and have been using Green Hill to do mowing, weed control and seeding. They do a great job, are fast and they don't cut the grass to short 🙂 Our lawn looks great and prices are good.

Heather Cher Vargish

Very detailed and responsive to our needs

Skip Liesegang

They provide a wide range of services and each year you can choose which ones you want. They provide reasonably priced weekly lawn mowing and seasonal pruning, seeding, fertilizing, and mulching if requested. They also clean gutters and do Fall and Spring leaf clean up. They have been responsible, and timely and easy to contact if plans change. They also come out to the house to discuss and plan special projects. We are very happy with Green Hill and have recommended to neighbors!

Kristina Darwe Debye

They are a nice local service. They are reliable. The are responsive to email.

Lee Mataya

We have been utilizing Green Hill Landscaping for more than 5 years. They are on top of their schedule and are always here on a regular basis. Their area supervisors are knowledgeable and helpful. We have had a few issues over the years of landscaping being accidentally removed, but whenever it's happened, they were very receptive and quick to fix the problem. They also aren't afraid of our dogs, which is always a plus for us!!!

Traci Peterson

I have been working with Green Hill Landscaping for several years now and I couldn't ask for a better company to handle the care and maintenance of my property. Before I signed on with Green Hill I used several different landscaping companies and was never 100% satisfied. Green Hill offers a maintenance program which insures that my property is tended to at the right time of the year without me having to give it a second thought. I especially appreciate the routine checkups since I'm very busy and cannot always keep up with what needs to be done. Their staff is friendly and informative and most importantly can get the job done at an affordable price. I highly recommend Green Hill!

Susan G

I've had a different experience than some of the others here - been with them for 2+ years. These guys are great! Lawn mowed timely, leaves cleared and gutters cleaned!

Cindy K

Have used Green Hill for over 4 years now (maybe more?). They offer timely service, good pricing, and have dealt with a variety of issues, including fixing drainage around the house that was causing issues. They've built garden beds and borders for me, trimmed trees, and performed a variety of gardening chores very well. Definitely thumbs up!

Mary L

We're new customers of Green Hill Landscaping of Great Falls. Recently, we had a large tot lot removed and replaced with grass, and we had 15 screening trees installed. The crew members were friendly, and the jobs were done well. We also have a maintenance contract with Green Hill for weekly mowing, etc., and have been especially happy with the customer service.

Amy K

I never give 5 stars to anyone, but Green hill really went above and beyond on my services with them that's why they deserve the five stars. If they had more stars I would give them the max. Their prices are reasonable and their services are amazing. Their manger pays me a visit every time they serviced me and on his way to the car he picked up dead sticks on the ground and made sure my lawn looked as clean as possible. I appreciate the small things more than anything. I will never choose another company over them.

Zaher A

These folks do an excellent job on lawn maintenance. Well-mowed and trimmed weekly (in season), our lawn is the envy of the neighborhood. Fall cleanup is exceptional - lawn and under bushes are left spotless (and we get a lot of leaf drop each fall). They've been doing our lawn maintenance for several years, and we're very pleased with their service.

Jason M

Green Hill is a competent, reliable landscaping company. I have contracted with GH Landscaping for many years, recommended them to friends and family and everyone is extremely pleased. If you need a great landscaping service, GH Landscaping is for you.

Charlotte C

We've also had nothing but great service from Green Hill over the past three years that they've been mowing our lawn.

We just had them out for leaf removal, a monstrous job on our property, and the crew didn't leave a single leaf behind when they were done. I've talked to some of their crew leaders, and it's clear they take a lot of pride in their work.

Jason P