Landscaping Great Falls VA Specialists’ Tips on How to Revamp Your Landscape against Rodents

If you hoped your valuable landscape trees and shrubs are safe in winter, you have to think about rodents. Voles in particular can cause multiple damages on your property, especially since snow actually helps them hide better. Rodents may cause irreparable harm to precious landscape trees, shrubs, and ornamentals. Our landscaping Great Falls VA experts are here today to help you take some necessary protective measures.

First, Check for Signs of Rodents

Most winter rodents will try to find shelter and food on your property. Make sure you inspect regularly the compost pile, trees and shrubs, ornamental plants and perennials, woodpile, logs, etc. Our landscaping experts in Great Falls VA suggest you look for the following signs:

  • Runways and lawn tunnels;
  • Droppings;
  • Shaved tree bark;
  • Damaged young tree and shrubs roots;
  • Missing bulbs of spring flowers and tubers;
  • Chewed fruits;
  • Scattered grass/leaves clippings;

Revamp Your Landscape with the Following Solutions

To protect your valuable ornamentals, trees, bushes, and shrubs, physical barriers work like a charm. Of course, you can use baits, traps, even the services of exterminators, but our landscaping experts in Great Falls VA recommend humane approaches that benefit both the landscape and the wildlife.

1. Fence Your Vegetation

Many trees, shrubs, and tall perennials will endure some rodent activity, but if you have valuable landscape trees and expensive ornamentals, you need to protect them.

  • Get some steel mesh to turn into fences around each tree.
  • Burry the fence at least 3-5 inches deep and rise it above the ground at least 18-20 inches high.
  • This way, few rodents will manage to munch on the bark or the roots.

2. Give the Mulch an Upgrade

Organic mulch in thick layers may attract rodents. Reduce the layer of organic mulch around trees, shrubs, and ornamentals. Better yet, replace it. Our landscaping company can help you install crushed rock or gravel mulch to deter rodents – and voles in particular.

3. Don’t Install Mulch until Time Comes

Our experts in landscape installations recommend you add mulch to perennials only when the ground freezes strongly. Apply mulch to a minimum. If you face a serious rodent infestation, inorganic mulches might work best.

When it comes to winter landscape maintenance, consider you have more than landscape lighting and holiday decorations to add to your yard. Our experts in landscaping in Great Falls VA can help you make the proper adjustments so rodents and other pests do not threaten your valuable landscape pieces.