Lawn Treatments Pros in Potomac VA Discuss Sod Webworms

Have you ever heard about lawn moths? They are the adult stage of sod webworms and show up in spring, running havoc on your lawn if you don’t take care of them properly. Unfortunately, until they reach their adult stage to mate and spread eggs in your grasses, these insects have a larval stage – the sod webworms – which lie dormant just above the soil during winter. Our experts in lawn treatments in Potomac, VA, are here today to tell you more things about them.

How to Learn If Sod Webworms Are Threatening Your Lawn

During winter, you have little to do when it comes to checking for pest activity. However, in spring, you can call our lawn care company in Potomac, VA, to assess the situation.

  • When temperatures begin to rise in April, we will come over and lift a 1×1 foot area of lawn to look at what crawls underneath. If we notice 5 to 10 sod webworms, we will advise you on acting fast to stop the infestation in its tracks.
  • Our lawn treatments experts in Potomac VA will pay closer attention to all the dry, brown, damaged patches of the lawn because they can be clear indicators of sod webworm activity;
  • We will also inspect south-facing slopes and areas on your property that do not receive any shade, as warmth entertains these pests’ thriving.

Many homeowners ask us whether their lawns are safer than others are, depending on the types of grasses they cultivate. Our answer is, unfortunately, no. Sod webworms will feed on almost all common turf grasses even they show a preference for the cool-season varieties.

Sod Webworms Prevention

The easiest way to prevent a webworm infestation is to take care of your lawn professionally. The pests thrive in thatch, so this is what our lawn care company in Potomac, VA recommends:

  • Professional dethatching and soil core aeration;
  • Regular watering and mowing as part of a long-term yard maintenance program;
  • Thorough and regular lawn treatments in Potomac VA;
  • Tailored pest control interventions, provided by experts;
  • Crop rotation, nurturing of beneficial insects, the introduction of beneficial nematodes on your property, etc.

Sod Webworm Control

When it comes to grubs and sod webworms, the control methods involve organic and synthetic products’ applications. Depending on the infestation’s severity, you can apply some natural control solutions (a mix of liquid soap and water, low-toxicity botanical insecticides, etc.). However, if the infestation is out of control, you should talk to our lawn treatments company in Potomac, VA, about applying pesticides’ tailored blends.