Lawn Treatments Pros in Potomac MD Discuss Organic vs. Synthetic Fertilizers

Mid-spring is the best time to consider lawn care activities and especially lawn treatments. Fertilization and weed control is mandatory, especially if crabgrass is a problem you have to deal with regularly. Moreover, fertilizing the soil allows it to stay healthy and rich to sustain the growth of turf and plants all year long. But what to choose between organic and synthetic fertilizers? Our lawn treatments pros in Potomac MD are here to answer some of your questions!

Organic vs. Synthetic Fertilizers Pros and Cons

Both natural and synthetic fertilizers do a great job of keeping weeds at bay while strengthening your soil and providing it with the proper amounts of nutrients. However, our lawn treatment experts in Potomac, MD, are here to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of organic fertilizers and synthetic ones:

  • Organic fertilizers require more work for the application, together with knowledge and skills;
  • In comparison to synthetic fertilizers, organic ones are more expensive;
  • They are also harder to find.
  • For this reason, our lawn treatments experts in Potomac MD can offer you their help in finding the best solutions for your lawn;
  • Synthetic fertilizers cost less, are widely available in stores, and take less time to produce visible effects;
  • The problem with artificial fertilizers is that they are not eco-friendly. Nevertheless, if you use organic ones in excess, you might still create imbalances in the soil’s chemical composition and the ecosystem as well.
  • Synthetic fertilizers are not a very good idea if you care for the wellbeing of wildlife or pets;
  • You have to make a distinction between store-bought organic fertilizers and homemade soil amendments. You can safely use compost, manure, organic mulches, food scraps, and other natural compounds to boost the health and looks of your plants. However, before you consider organic fertilizers, keep in mind that they also require blending and perfect tailoring to your lawn’s specific needs.

Talk to our local lawn treatment pros in Potomac, MD , about what your grasses, soil, and flowerbeds need this time of year. Lawn fertilization is vital and our experts are more than qualified to provide a seasonal program of prevention and intervention.

You should not make impulse purchases when it comes to fertilizers of any kind. If you need lawn treatments in Potomac MD, ask our lawn service provider for a free estimate. In case you already have established a lawn treatment program with our technicians, trust they will apply only the best solutions for your lawn!