Lawn Care Great Falls VA Experts’ Tips on Gardening during the Mid-Spring Season

Mid-spring is the time of the year that most homeowners have been waiting for the entire winter. Your lawn needs your full attention, together with your shrubs, hedges, and flowerbeds. Our lawn care experts in Great Falls VA are here today to tell you what the essential lawn and landscape activities are during this time.

Lawn Care and Spring Maintenance Activities

According to our lawn care specialists in Great Falls VA, here are the essential steps you need to take to make sure your lawn thrives healthily and beautifully in the months to come:

  • Your lawn requires a post-winter assessment. The full inspection of your yard, garden, vegetation, and even hardscapes is mandatory during this time. After a long winter, your turf may need repairs and amendments that our lawn care technicians in Great Falls VA can implement.
  • Mid-spring is the best time to clean the yard, remove debris, clean patios and decks, fix benches, and so on;
  • Our lawn care professionals in Great Falls VA will assess your lawn needs regarding fertilization. During this time of year, pre-emergent crabgrass control is essential to keep weeds at bay;
  • The weather, soil, and the growth levels of your turf might now allow proper mowing; however, if they do, your lawn care experts in Great Falls VA will recommend the correct mowing heights and frequency.
  • These months are crucial for the health and thriving of your lawn, and you cannot achieve such goals in the lack of proper irrigation. Your experts will identify the soil’s and grasses’ needs and tailor an irrigation plan;
  • Soil raking, dethatching, aeration, and overseeding may be in order, so discuss such matters with your local lawn care provider in Great Falls VA to schedule such activities as well;
  • If you want to spend some time outdoors, take out your garden furniture, clean it, revamp it, or order new pieces online to replace the broken ones.

Make sure your lawn, ornamentals, hardscape elements, patios, and decks are all clean and ready for lawn care specialists in Great Falls VA to implement their seasonal and annual lawn maintenance programs. If you have more questions on our lawn care programs or you want our experts to tend to your lawn and garden, don’t forget to request a free estimate as well! Our experts in lawn care in Great Falls VA will do their best to tend to your needs and requests!