How to Manage Spring Fungi: Lawn Treatments McLean VA Experts Share Their Tips

While we are all waiting for spring to take over, we also have to be aware that winter took its toll. In the humid chilly season, fungal diseases are some of the worst threats for your lawn. Our lawn treatments specialists in McLean VA are here to tell what to do in case your garden suffers from such issues.

Identify the Problem

In humid areas, fungi can take over the lawn in no time. Some of the most common fungal diseases are brown patch and root rot. Their names are self-explanatory. If you notice large brown patches on your lawn or yellow spots/blotches on the grasses, you likely have some fungi to deal with as soon as possible.

According to our lawn fertilization company in McLean VA, St. Augustine, Zoysia, and Bermuda grasses are some of the most susceptible turfs to fungal diseases. If your lawn has these varieties, you should pay double attention.

Call the Experts

Fungi attack soils with unbalanced chemistry and weak grasses. Too much or too little fertilization can make the yard vulnerable to fungal diseases. Call your local lawn fertilization contractor in McLean, VA. The specialists can correct the nutrients in the soil by adding a boost of nitrogen. While it solves the problem fast, excess nitrogen can also lead to eco-systemic problems. For this reason, it is safer to ask for professional lawn fertilization and not apply synthetic fertilizers yourself.

Another essential point here is that most likely, your local lawn fertilization experts in McLean VA will use a tailored blend of organic fertilizers to amend the soil and grasses, without harming the environment.

Prevention and Protective Measures

Fungal diseases go away in time if you care for your lawn correctly. Some of the best ways to prevent the development and to spread of fungi are professional lawn care. Our lawn treatment experts in McLean VA recommend you the following:

  • Dethatch the lawn;
  • Aeration and overseeding if necessary;
  • Lawn mowing – set the mower higher;
  • Water the garden properly, but do not exaggerate, as too much water encourages fungal growth.

If you have to deal with fungal diseases, make sure you do not contribute to their spreading. Discuss with your local lawn treatments company in McLean VA about the management, prevention, and treatment of fungal diseases. You may think you need fungicides to get rid of the infections, but before that, you should let the experts give you a hand with these matters.