What to Look for In Outdoor Lights: Landscaping Potomac VA Experts’ Tips

Did you decide to upgrade your lawn and yard with some beautiful outdoor lights? Well, you are in the right place, as our local specialists in landscaping in Potomac VA can help you with an outdoor light design and landscape lighting installations. If you want to buy the lights yourself, our experts in landscaping services in Potomac VA are here to offer you some tips so you can make an educated decision. Before we begin, we have to emphasize that it is best to get solar landscape lights with LED technology for energy efficiency. So, either you want to build a modern landscape on your new property, or you want to redesign the yard with a much-needed oomph, let’s see how to pick the best outdoor lamps!

How to Choose the Best Landscape Lighting Products

According to our landscaping service providers in Potomac VA, here are the main factors to consider in your yard and garden landscape lighting choice:

  • Type & Style: discuss with your local experts in landscaping in Potomac VA about this issue. Your property might gain more beauty, safety, and value from lights you stake in the ground than from lights you mount on the walls.
  • Lifespan: choose solar LED garden lights that can run at least 8 hours in a row. Moreover, you should look for manufacturers whose outdoor lighting systems can run for about 40,000 if not 50,000 hours.
  • Weather Sealing: for obvious reasons, your outdoor lamps should resist all weather conditions in your area and be waterproof.
  • Dimmers and motion control features: landscape lights coming with dimmers, and even motion sensors might seem a whim. They are likely more expensive than other simpler models. Yet, our experts in landscaping in Potomac VA suggest you don’t dismiss them until you try them. Such tech specs and features will make your life easier and more economical in the long term.
  • Brightness: suffice to say, you want bright lights in your back yard and on your lawn but not stadium reflectors. On the other hand, you want light, not a mere spark. A brightness level ranging in between 400 and 600 lumens should do, but your landscape designers in Potomac VA will recommend the best ones for your property.

When it comes to landscape lighting installations, ask your team of landscaping experts in Potomac VA to handle the task. They know the best where and how to install the lamps to provide you with safety, efficiency, and an enjoyable outdoor fairytale-like atmosphere!