Bermuda Grass Weed Control: Lawn Treatments Great Falls VA Experts Share Their Tips

When it comes to weed control in the summer, crabgrass pre-emergent control is just one of the many things that you should consider. In case you have Bermuda grass, the situation might be even more complicated, as no matter how resilient this turfgrass is, it is still vulnerable to both broadleaf kinds of grass and grassy weeds. Today, our lawn treatments in Great Falls VA experts are here to tell you how to control Bermuda grass efficiently.

What Weeds Are More Likely to Attack Bermuda Grass?

According to our lawn fertilizer company in Great Falls VA, Bermuda grass is vulnerable to summer-specific grassy weeds, including crabgrass, orchard grass, annual bluegrass, common foxtail, and more. It is essential to discuss these grassy weeds because summer months are the proper ones to apply post-emergent weed control and weed killers.

If you did not call your local lawn treatments specialists in Great Falls VA in early spring for pre-emergent weed control against broadleaf weeds, it’s time to do it right now, as you risk allowing for invading plants to take over your turf and yard.

What Should You Do About Bermuda Grass Weed Control?

Before you apply any weed killer, make sure you understand the best practices regarding the control of Bermuda grass weeds and attackers. Here is what our lawn fertilization and weed control service providers recommend:

  • Irrigate your lawn frequently, as suggested by your local lawn care and maintenance experts, depending on the weather patterns in your area, the type of Bermuda grass you grow, and the shade/sunny areas on your lawn;
  • Fertilize your lawn frequently, according to the plan you agreed upon together with your team of lawn treatments experts;
  • Mow your Bermuda grass lawn frequently, not allowing it to grow taller than 2 inches. For weed control, discuss with your local lawn treatments Great Falls VA specialists about scheduling a thorough lawn mowing and fertilization plan.

Another thing you should know is that you cannot use any weed killer with your Bermuda grass turf. If you have a hybrid Bermuda lawn, crabgrass weed killers may harm all the grasses in the yard, not only the weeds. For this reason, the best course of action is to have your professional lawn treatments experts Great Falls VA assess the situation and tailor you an intervention program using safe and tailored blends of herbicides.

It is not too late to get rid of Bermuda grass weeds, so call your lawn fertilizer company to provide you with the best weed control programs this year!