Prevent Summer Weeds by Following these Tips from Our Lawn Care Pros in Potomac VA

A lush lawn that keeps its green hue and overall health require plenty of hard work and the presence of lawn care service providers to maintain it. However, weeds represent a constant problem, and you need to keep them at bay at all costs. Unfortunately, despite the lawn treatments implemented by your local lawn treatment experts, some weeds still threaten to take over your property. Today, our lawn care experts in Potomac VA are here to tell you how to prevent weeds from overgrowing on your property.

1. Do Not Bring Weeds Home, Even if Unintentionally

From nature’s point of view, weed seeds move around your property with the help of birds, insects, pets, and other animals. However, you can bring new weeds into your home by purchasing potted plants that stood in a nursery for a very long time. These pots are very likely to contain weed seeds that cannot wait for the proper moment to germinate in your garden.

If you want to revamp your lawn with potted plants, discuss such matters with your local lawn care experts in Potomac, VA. They can help you choose the best plants from reputable nurseries and evaluate them before you introduce them into your landscape.

2. Keep Your Gardening Activities at a Minimum

Your local lawn care specialists in Potomac VA and their colleagues from the lawn treatments department probably have a fertilization and weed control program tailored and implemented on your property. However, we know most homeowners like to work on their lawns and gardens. However, it would help if you kept all activities at a minimum. Digging holes, adding new plants, aeration, overseeding, refreshing the soil, or adding soil enhancements are all possible ways to wake weed seeds to life. Since not all weeds germinate at the same time, some dormant summer weeds might grow just because you disturb them.

3. Use Mulch to Fend Off Weeds All Season Long

We have discussed mulch on previous occasions, but it is worth mentioning here again. It would be best if you talked to your lawn care experts in Potomac VA and your lawn treatment specialists to advise you on the best mulches to use against weeds. Usually, hard mulches are the best varieties to help your flowerbeds and turf to stay safe against a potential weed attack.

Should you need help with your lawn care activities, feel free to call our lawn care experts in Potomac VA to offer you a free estimate or come over for a weed control intervention!