Top Mistakes to Avoid in Lawn Treatments in McLean VA This Summer

All homeowners want their lawns to shine brightly green under the summer sun. For this reason, many take up some lawn maintenance activities and landscape improvements. However, according to our lawn treatments specialists in McLean VA, many people make mistakes during summer, mostly out of enthusiasm. So let’s discuss some of these issues that might ruin your lawn without you even knowing it.

1. Improper Fertilization

In summer, it is best to keep up with the plan designed and implemented by your local lawn treatment service providers in McLean, VA. They know better when and how to apply weed control substances and lawn nourishments, so your lawn benefits from such interventions. However, if you feel your yard needs a boost and the following professional application is too far in the future, do not overuse store-bought fertilizers. You risk burning the grasses and damaging the soil. At best, you can use compost for lawn nourishment, mulch the flowerbeds, or add some Epsom Salt for a pH balance of the soil.

2. You Don’t Leave the Grass Clippings on the Lawn

You may know the old myth saying that leaving grass clippings on the lawn after a mowing session entertains thatch. In the meanwhile, we learned that a thin and even layer of grass clippings left on your lawn acts as a natural fertilizer and moist mulch. Cut grasses contain mostly water and nutrients and break down quickly, so if you mow, make sure you let the clippings protect and further feed your summer grasses. Our lawn treatments pros in McLean VA also recommend you also use a thin layer of fallen leaves as natural mulch.

3. You Do Not De-Clutter the Lawn Properly

Speaking of things to leave behind on your lawn, what you should never forget are lawn maintenance and gardening tools, equipment, mowers, etc. Moreover, if you throw a party or spend a day outside with your family, make sure you remove all kids’ toys, kiddie pools, furniture, and chairs, etc. Leaving heavy objects on the lawn damages the grasses and the soil as well. Our lawn treatments experts in McLean VA and lawn maintenance specialists usually recommend you to keep your lawn neat and clean for its health and aesthetics.

If you need more help with your lawn maintenance or lawn treatments in McLean VA this summer, our experts can help you come up with a plan and implement the right procedures, so your lawn thrives all season long.