5 Steps to a Healthy Spring Yard: Lawn Care Potomac VA Pros’ Tips

While all lawn service experts in Potomac VA agree that a healthy spring lawn needs thorough fall preparations, not all homeowners know this. Hoping that the chilly weather and rain will be enough for their yard maintenance, beginner gardeners lock the lawnmowers and wait for nature to play its part. However, if you found yourself asking every spring why your neighbors’ yards look greener than yours, the answer is simple: they employed our services of lawn care in Potomac, VA, during the fall season. Today, our lawn maintenance experts are here to remind you of the crucial five steps to take these months to benefit from a dense, healthy yard next year!

  1. Rake the leaves to allow sunlight, air, fertilizers, and warmth to reach the grasses. According to our experts in lawn service in Potomac, VA, you should remove falling leaves from the ground as often as you can;
  2. Keep mowing the lawn in the fall. Most homeowners store their lawnmowers, thinking that fall grasses do not need cutting. On the contrary, our lawn care pros in Potomac, VA, advise you to continue the mowing and keeping the height at 2½- to 3-inches.
  3. Continue watering. Most people stop watering their lawns in the fall, hoping that rain will do the irrigation job. But, according to our lawn care experts in Potomac, VA, you should make sure your lawn and landscape get at least an inch of water every week.
  4. Aeration and overseeding. Some of the most important activities to perform in the fall are aeration and overseeding. Loosening up the soil allows water, air, and fertilizers to reach the grassroots and strengthen them to resist the winter. Our lawn service experts in Potomac, VA, recommend you perform soil core aeration and cover the bare lawn spots with new seeds. It will help your grasses grow denser, greener, and healthier next spring.
  5. Apply fertilizers. Call our lawn care experts in Potomac, VA, to apply a fall-specific slow-release granular fertilizer to promote root growth, disease protection, and cold resistance.

Get Professional Lawn Service in Potomac, VA Right Now!

If you want the perfect fall lawn care in Potomac, VA, all you have to do is call our lawn service experts. They will offer you a free estimate and a schedule of interventions to cover all your yard’s needs. A gorgeous spring lawn begins in the fall, and now it is the best time to care for your beautiful landscape!