Applying Fall Mulch: Lawn Treatments McLean VA Experts Share their Tips

As we said on a previous occasion, the fall is not the season to rest and give up on your lawn and landscape activities. On the contrary, now it is the time to engage in some tasks whose purpose is to protect your property all winter long. Remember that everything you do for your landscape this season – mowing, lawn irrigation, aeration, overseeding, etc. – you do to give your lawn a chance to thrive next spring. We have mentioned mulching many times before, but today, our lawn treatments in McLean, VA, are here to discuss some fall preparations to make sure the mulch does its job.

How to Prepare Your Lawn and Landscape Before You Mulch

Our lawn treatments company in McLean, VA, recommends all homeowners to consider organic mulches for their flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, around shrubs and trees, etc. You can use mixes of organic and inorganic mulches – even live mulch we will discuss at a later date – but the organic variety is within your reach.

  • Collect fallen leaves and shred them with your mower. It is a shame to throw away healthy organic material instead of using it as a nutritious layer for your property. Our lawn treatments McLean, VA experts advise you to check the leaves for mold, mildew, or diseases. If they are healthy, shred them with your mower and spread the organic mulch layer to nourish and protect the landscape elements throughout the winter.
  • Before layering the mulch, clean your flowerbeds of vegetal debris. Check the spent annual flowers and vegetable plants against diseases, mold, and pests. If they are healthy, use them for compost.
  • Now that your flowerbeds are clean, apply the mulch layer as your lawn treatments experts in McLean, VA, instruct you. Make sure you use a thick enough layer to allow it to nourish your plants and offer them protection against the elements.
  • If your flowerbeds and other areas still present weeds, ask your local fertilization and weed control company in McLean, VA, to help you get rid of them. If you apply mulch over weed seeds and seedlings, you will have many works to do in spring.

Call Our Lawn Treatments Experts in Mclean VA for their Assistance

In case you need help with your lawn care and maintenance activities, our lawn treatment experts in McLean, VA, can help you with mulching and other property preparations. Just give them a call, ask for a free estimate, and they will take care of everything!