Late Fall Yard Preparations: Landscaping McLean VA Experts’ Tips

Winter is not here just yet, so you still have plenty to do around your property, tending to your lawn and landscape before the first severe frost. Our experts in landscaping in McLean, VA, are here to discuss a few tips and activities that will benefit your yard and you. The most crucial such activity is a thorough cleaning and ordering session, but our specialists in spring & fall clean up in McLean will tell you more about this. So, let’s see a checkup list containing the essential tasks you have right now!

Lawn and Landscape Tasks

Many maintenance activities are house chores if you like – cleaning and storing your gardening tools in the shed is just one example. However, we recommend you call technicians with expertise in the field for the most complicated jobs, including shrub & tree trimming services, gutters cleaning, fertilization and weed control, etc. But let’s see the checklist proposed by our landscaping service providers in McLean, VA:

  • Full debris cleaning. Our specialists in spring & fall clean-up in McLean, VA, recommend you an extensive service to ensure no fallen leaves, vegetal leftovers, weeds, etc., sit on the ground, entertaining pests or diseases. They also recommend you turn fallen leaves into mulch;
  • Vegetable garden and flowerbed cleaning. Our fall clean up service in McLean, VA is useful in removing all dry, dead, or old vegetables, flowers, and herbs; you can use this debris for your compost pile;
  • Trimming and pruning. Late fall is the best time to prune and trim perennials, but also remove rogue branches, twigs, and overgrowths from your trees, shrubs, and hedges without risking them to bloom;
  • Aeration and lawn fertilization. Our landscaping experts in McLean, VA, recommend you aerate the lawn before winter to avoid water pooling up and encourage nutrients to reach the root system;
  • As we said on previous occasions, you should mulch flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, trees, shrubs, and ornamentals to protect them from the cold, pests, and weeds;
  • Gutter cleaning. Clogged gutters will give you and your yard a lot of problems. Our landscape installation service providers in McLean, VA, recommend you to call out a team to check the gutters and prepare them for the winter.

In case you need help with some or all of these tasks, don’t forget that our spring & fall clean up McLean, VA, experts are here at your service. For more landscaping services in McLean, VA, do not hesitate to contact us!