Specialists in Lawn Care in Vienna VA Share Tips on Spring Mulching

Mulching is an excellent lawn care activity to perform in spring and fall for the protection and enhancement of your yard and garden. If you already hired our specialists in lawn care in Vienna VA for spring prep work and mulching, you know this activity comes with great benefits all year long. In case you did not hire our pros yet, here are some benefits of mulch you should consider!

Top 9 Mulch Benefits according to our Pros in Lawn Care in Vienna VA

Ask any lawn mowing company, and they will tell you that mulch acts as a cover, a blanket, or even an umbrella for your soil, growing seedlings, and established plants’ roots. Mulch comes in many shapes, but specialists usually divide it into organic and inorganic. While the latter has a more decorative and functional role, the organic one is of interest when you consider eco-friendly, affordable, and sustainable lawn care and landscaping.

Our experts in lawn care in Vienna VA use premium dark brown double-shredded hardwood mulch, but other varieties may also interest you. Now that we cleared things up let’s see the top nine benefits of mulching your property this spring!

  1. Besides adding decomposing organic matter to your soil, amending it in the process, mulch is, in fact, a slow-release fertilizer that nourishes the soil and plants with vitamins and minerals;
  2. In turn, this slow but steady feeding allows the vegetation to gain more resilience in the face of pests and weeds;
  3. Acting as a blanket, mulch acts as a thermal insulator. For instance, it keeps the seedlings and plants’ roots cool in summer and warm in winter; if you want to know the best times to apply mulch, ask our experts in lawn care in Vienna VA for their advice and help with the matter;
  4. Speaking of soil protection and enhancement, mulch keeps sandy soil together and helps with clay soil to become less messy and more manageable;
  5. By shielding the plants from the sun, it also helps with maintaining weeds at bay – putting a break in their proliferation and competition for resources against your plants, trees, and vegetables. Nevertheless, you should not skip entirely a fertilization and weed control program provided by our experts in lawn care in Vienna VA, as they are mandatory for the preservation of health and resilience of your property throughout the year.
  6. Mulch also provides physical support to crops while offering you a clean, neat, and steady path to walk on when you harvest fruit trees or shrubs for instance;
  7. Mulch is probably the best and cheapest way for you to recycle vegetal debris; organic mulches include grass and dry leaves clippings, chopped tree bark, vegetal hulls and shells, wood chips, and more.
  8. By decomposing, mulches also increase the biological activity of your soil by proving nutrients to soil microorganisms;
  9. As decoration, both organic and inorganic mulches provide your lawn, garden, flowerbeds, and tree rows with a neat, clean, and streamlined look and feel, boosting your property’s curb appeal.

Overall, mulch saves you plenty of time and money with other lawn and garden activities. Contact our experts in lawn care in Vienna VA and have them assess your property and offer you their mulching services this spring!