April Lawn Care: McLean VA Experts Share Their Tips

In April, the temperatures are ever rising, we continue to gain daylight lightning fast, while most plants start putting on their bloom show. But this month just like March is iffy as cold weather is not gone yet and starting too early with lawn maintenance might do more harm than good. Fortunately, our experts in lawn care in McLean VA have agreed to share some of their tips on this month’s proper lawn care.

April Lawn Care: The To-Do’s

Here’s a short list of the work you should do this month on your lawn to ensure that it stays healthy and green in the coming months and, why not, seasons:

  • Fertilize turfgrass– not too heavily to prevent fertilizer burn
  • Apply weed control to prevent persistent weeds, such as crabgrass, from taking over your lawn in the coming months
  • Top dress the lawn
  • Fix unsightly patches (if any)
  • Test soil pH and adjust it if necessary

Weed control and fertilization if done right and at the right time will ensure that your lawn stays lush green and healthy. There are some telltale signs that the soil might be depleted, such as yellow grass or a less vigorous vegetation than that of the previous year. A yellow grass also means that it lacks critical nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. But each lawn is different, and it will require a certain type of fertilizer mix.

You can purchase a seasonal fertilizer, follow the instructions closely, and hope for the best or you could let our professionals in lawn care in McLean VA find the best fertilizer mix for your lawn and apply it depending on the type of turfgrass and shrubs on your property.

Weed control should be done this month, as well, before all the pesky weeds turn back to life after the winter slumber. It is best to use both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control methods as not all weeds are created equal.

Also, if taking care of weeds is too much of a hassle or your lawn is about to be taken over by crabgrass or other types of prolific weeds just like last summer, call our lawn care McLean VA experts. We have one of the most practical and effective lawn weed control and fertilization programs in the state. With just eight applications throughout the year, we’ll ensure your lawn gets all the pampering it needs. It’s no secret that lawns that are regularly treated for weeds and soil depletion stay greener and healthier for long.

Top-dressing the lawn helps build better soil composition for turfgrass to thrive on. The method is heavily employed on golf courses, but there’s no reason for your lawn not to benefit from a makeover. Top dressing is a labor-intensive activity, which makes it very unpopular with homeowners. But if done correctly it can pay dividends in soil structure and biology over the years.

Also, it is critical to fix soil pH whether you decide to top-dress your lawn or not. Correcting soil pH issues in spring is a must especially if you have never done it before. A soil that’s too acidic (< 5) will favor the growth of fungi over good bacteria in the soil, which might make your lawn sick in time. The perfect soil pH, which is favored by most plants, is 6.5.

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