How Should You Save Money on Lawn Care in Oakton VA?

Experts in lawn care know that most homeowners cannot wait to collaborate with them on their lawns and gardens to turn them into picture-perfect corners of wondrous paradises. However, when it comes to allocating a budget for your yearlong outdoor activities, things can get tricky. You probably spend the most money on water, fertilizers, tools, and all sorts of products and equipment helping you maintain your landscape in tip-top shape. Today, our experts in lawn care in Oakton VA are here to offer some money saving tips in lawn care this year!

1. Forget the Hose, Get an Irrigation System

Watering the lawn and garden requires plenty of water. What you may not know is that water waste (and water costs) peak in spring and summer, amounting to a staggering 80% of all residential water consumption in many parts of the U.S. With more and more national and local regulations regarding water preservation, lawn care became a hot and controversial topic in the past years.

Nevertheless, you can align with the current rules and concerns regarding water and money savings by giving up on your garden hose and its replacement with a smart and innovative lawn irrigation system. It sounds counterintuitive, we know, but an irrigation system will help you save water and money in the long run.

Talk to our experts in lawn care in Oakton VA about installing an irrigation system, adding smart sprinklers, timers, and sensors, and maintaining it throughout the year to water the property without consuming any additional drop of water or money.

2. Get Professional Fertilization Programs

Buying fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides from a store seem like a good idea at first, given the affordable costs, but on the long term, home-managed fertilization and weed control may cost you more than you can imagine. The use of chemicals without a solid basis of knowledge and experience can lead to lawn/landscape damages, soil problems, micro-ecosystem issues, and more.

Our experts in lawn care in Oakton VA can offer an eight-step year-long program to care for your property from all angles – fertilization, pre- and post-emergent weed control, herbicides, spot treatments, and more. Cheaper does not mean better. A professional approach to one of the most sensitive issues in lawn care will save you money in the long term as it preserves the property and safeguards the environment.

3. Pay for maintenance in lawn care in Oakton VA to avoid paying for maintenance

Do you feel a bit confused? Don’t! What we mean is that if you pay for professional maintenance services by hiring a lawn care company, you will spend less money on daunting, costly, and potentially unsuccessful trials and errors.

For instance, by contracting our pros in lawn care in Oakton VA to offer you full maintenance services on your yard and garden – spring cleaning, spring mulching, lawn mowing, fall cleanups, fall mulching, gutter cleaning, or snow removal and winter cleanups – you are saving a lot of money and benefit from a crucial return on your investment.

By their powers combined, these activities add to the health, resilience, and beauty of your property, ensuring it will grow lush and gorgeous.

Do you know other means to save money on lawn care – besides xeriscaping and low water consumption? Can our experts in lawn care in Oakton VA offer you more tips and advice on how to keep a fantastic property with no excessive budget costs but plenty of joy?