Top 3 Mistakes of Lawn Reseeding in spring. Our Pros in Lawn Care in Bethesda MD Share their Tips

As we mentioned before, lawn reseeding in spring may be a crucial step you need to take to ensure your yard reaches its maximum potential regarding health, growth, and aesthetics. Applying seeds on bare spots or more extensive areas of exposed soil help you get an even, lush, and thriving yard to enjoy for the entire year. However, many homeowners make a handful of mistakes when reseeding. Our specialists in Lawn Care in Bethesda MD are here today to offer you their advice on how to avoid such errors.

You do not aerate before Reseeding

Aeration is even more critical than reseeding is. You may have been lucky enough to find that your lawn does not need a reseeding treatment this spring season. However, it indeed requires aeration – as a preventative measure at least.

When you treat your lawn with new seeds, make sure you aerated the soil first. Only then, the seeds can develop strong, deep roots, and yield strong grass blades. The equation is simple: the more air, sunrays, water, and nourishment the seedling pick, the stronger and healthier they will grow.

You do not water correctly

After reseeding, you should water your lawn daily – twice a day! There is little room for negotiation in this regard, according to our experts in lawn care in Bethesda MD. If it rains plenty this time of year, you certainly do not need to flood your yard and garden. For the best results, check out with your local lawn care company the choices you have regarding the installation of an irrigation system on your property.

NOTE: You should water the reseeded lawn twice a day daily until the new grasses grow up to their recommended mowing height.

You do not safeguard the Reseeded Lawn

Protecting the reseeded lawn means avoiding the following types of situations:

  • Stepping and trampling all over the garden as you take shortcuts to your home;
  • Heavy traffic on your freshly reseeded lawn as you water it or perform other lawn maintenance tasks;
  • Children and pets playing outside stomping all over the place;
  • Crossing the yard with the car for some reasons.

Our experts in lawn care in Bethesda MD recommend you stay as much as possible away from the lawn for at least a few weeks until the seedlings grow into tall, strong grass blades.

Still, in the safeguard department, we also have to warn you about another issue: weeds. They love newly reseeded lawns and much as they enjoy taking over bare spots. Under no circumstance try to prevent or kill such plants with harsh chemicals or substances, as you will damage the seedlings in the process. In case you do not know how to fend off weeds on freshly seeded yards and landscapes, call our experts in lawn care in Bethesda MD.

You have plenty of work to do these days – watering, proper mowing, fertilization, and weed control. Unfortunately, freshly reseeded patches of land need extra care and protection. If you are not up to it, leave the tricky business in the hands of professionals! Our team of lawn care in Bethesda MD is more than happy to include your property in an extensive yearly lawn management plan!