5 March Preparation Tips from Your Local Experts in Lawn Care in Potomac MD

Our long waiting for spring is finally over. We can hardly wait for nature to burst with life and enchant us with its colors and scents. But to welcome spring properly, we have to prepare our lawns and gardens and make sure everything is in order. Our experts in lawn care in Potomac MD are here to offer you a quick reminder and checklist of the things you have to consider regarding lawn care this time of year.

1. Cleaning and Repairing

Hard winters take their toll on your property and, before anything else, you should begin with a thorough inspection. Cleaning and fixing the lawn are not easy tasks, but luckily, your local team of specialists in lawn care in Potomac MD have some tips and recommendations for you:

  • Verify the lawn and property, especially for snow mold; this problem needs fast fixing, as it can lead to more severe problems. Our experts in lawn care in Potomac MD can give you a hand in dealing with snow mold and its consequences.
  • Check for vegetal debris, leaves, and thatch. You should discuss with our lawn care service specialists about dealing with compacted soil spots, thatch removal, and other issues that you might notice during the preliminary inspection.
  • When it comes to repairing the lawn, if necessary, have a lengthy discussion with your lawn care experts about uneven ground issues, clay spots or soil compaction, bare and exposed areas on the soil. All these post-winter problems can lead to more severe damages in time, including but not limited to improper soil drainage or weed overgrowth.

2. Aeration and Overseeding

As we mentioned on previous occasions, these two tasks are crucial for your lawn to grow lush and healthy in spring. If you do not have enough skills (or time) to perform them, ask your local lawn care service in Potomac MD to handle things for you.

3. Fertilization and Weed & Pest Control

Spring comes with weeds and pests as well, and you have to be ready to manage the situation correctly. Ask our specialists in lawn care in Potomac MD to assess the property and intervene when and where they consider necessary. Usually, fertilization and weed control this month takes the shape of applying a mix of fertilizers and herbicides to prevent weeds and keep them at bay. Nevertheless, things can go wrong if you do not master the blending of chemicals, so supervision or delegation of tasks may be in order.

4. Lawn Mowing

In early spring, lawn mowing sometimes is a tricky business. You should know when to mow and how to do it to allow the turf and grasses to grow strong and healthy. Depending on the types of turf you host on your property, the weather, and their development stage, you have to adjust your mowing habits. Ask your lawn care service team to give you a hand with this task.

5. Get the Best Experts in Lawn Care in Potomac MD to Help You

If you are already working with your regular team of specialists in lawn care in Potomac MD, then things are a lot easier and more comfortable. Give them a call and ask them to include your property in their schedule, as you have plenty of tasks ahead of you from now on!