Can You Recycle Christmas Trees into the Best Lawn Care in Vienna VA Practices?

In January one of the critical issues to handle from an environmental point of view is the recycling of your natural Christmas tree. Apart from dropping it off to one of the tree collection centers managed by your local city authorities, you can also take the matter into your own hands: turn the tree into the best lawn care in Vienna VA solutions. How can you do that? Our specialists have the answers for you!

Lawn and Landscape Mulch

One of the essential lawn care activities in winter is the protection of your newly planted plants, perennial evergreens, bulbs, seedlings, and plants that did not establish solid roots before the first frost. In this framework, your Christmas tree is your most practical solution to all these problems.

You can turn the tree into lawn care aid in three significant ways:

  • Chop off the branches and use the boughs over tender plants as cover blankets. Some plants benefit a lot from an extra layer of winter mulch, and they are your primary objective. Keep in mind, however, that you should refrain from this method if you have a rodent problem on your property, as the pesky critters will burrow into the branches and feed on them.
  • Another method is to remove only the needles from your conifer Christmas tree and to use them as natural mulch at the base of tender plants. Needles rot very slowly and will nourish the roots all winter long.
  • Turn the entire tree – branches, trunk, and needles – into wood chips to use as mulch, flowerbeds’ décor, walkway substrate or padding for wildlife shelters.


We have talked about winter compost before, but our specialists in lawn care in Vienna VA say that your Christmas tree can become an excellent ingredient in your compost pile or bin. The Christmas tree is what you need if you want to boost the activity inside the heap or achieve the nitrogen balance.

When you decide to turn your Christmas tree into compost, keep in mind you can use only the separated needles or the entire tree (well turned into wood chips). If you want to preserve the thicker branches and trunk, you can find them a purpose as well: use them as stakes for protecting delicate vegetation and newly planted trees against winds and snow.

Other Uses Suggested by our Pros in Lawn Care in Vienna VA

As lawn care and landscaping aid, your natural recycled Christmas tree is tremendously valuable. Here are some other uses suggested by our specialists in lawn care in Vienna VA:

  • Fish shelter and nourishment: if you keep a small lake or a pond on your property, sink the tree in it to create a rich source of fish food and shelter;
  • Use the tree in your yard as a bird feeder or as a wildlife sanctuary to boost the activity of your micro-ecosystem;
  • Use the chopped tree as firewood for outdoor fireplaces (never burn the tree inside the house); you can also use the cut tree as fuel for barbecues.

Our lawn mowing company in Vienna VA can be of help with your recycling project. Do not hesitate to ask our team for suggestions and tips!