Great Lawn Care in Oakton VA: 5 Pro Winter Maintenance Tasks

Nature sleeps under its blanket of snow this time of year, and we are sure you enjoy the months of no mowing, weeding, and gardening. You may also take advantage of January and the National Mail Order Gardening Month to think about supplies and tools for the spring. However, if you think you are off the hook when it comes to lawn maintenance and minimal landscaping, you are wrong. Fortunately, our team of lawn care in Oakton VA wants to share some winter lawn maintenance tips with you to make your life easy and your property ready to embrace spring!

Lawn Cleaning

You should use your rake as often as possible to remove dead/diseased leaves and vegetal debris from the lawn. Remove worm casts and keep your property safe from mold, weeds, and pests.

Lawn Protection

Even if you need to clean your garden often, try not to crash the frozen turf blades under your feet or the car wheels. Too much a stomping of your yard and you will have brown turf in the spring, together with bare patches and unhealthy grasses.

  • Our experts in lawn care in Oakton VA also emphasize the fact that you should not use salt to de-ice pathways, alleys, patios, the driveway, and so on. Salt can damage the lawn at catastrophic levels, so first ask our lawn service company in Oakton VA for organic and safe de-icing ideas.

Soil Aeration

While this is a spring activity, you should consider it in January as well, mainly if your soil contains clay or is compact. Soil aeration allows the water to infiltrate deep and nourish the dormant plants’ roots and bulbs. More than that, proper winter soil aeration prevents the accumulation of damp and muddy patches, which are harmful to the lawn and even entertain mold.

Tree and Shrubs Care

We talked about winter pruning of trees and shrubs on a previous occasion, so you know what to do in this regard. Our specialists in lawn care Oakton VA also emphasize the importance of tree and shrubs protection with burlap. They also recommend you regularly inspect your trees (stakes and wires, winterization solutions, and potential bark damages) to ensure their health.

  • Make sure you stake the newly planted trees to ensure their stability and safety this season;
  • Evergreens need your attention as well during the cold season. You should apply desiccants on newly planted conifers. Care for your perennials by giving them an extra layer of mulch (your recycled Christmas tree is a great idea according to our lawn service company in Oakton VA).

Soil Testing and Amendments

It may seem a bit too early, but you should prepare for everything. We are talking about soil testing to see if it receives all the necessary nutrients. Ask our pros in lawn care Oakton VA to give you a hand with this task. The soil may need some amending as well – homemade compost is a great solution, together with other products our team recommends.

The Best Lawn Care in Oakton VA Starts with Us!

When in doubt about winter lawn care, have our specialists in lawn care Oakton VA come over for a chat and some brainstorming! We can offer you our expertise on any lawn care issue you might have!