Should You Prune in Winter? Our Pros in Lawn Care in Potomac MD Have the Answer

Seasoned homeowners know pruning and trimming of trees and shrubs usually consist of three main stages: late spring, late summer, and late fall. However, more and more horticulturists talk about early and even mid-winter pruning and trimming of trees and shrubs. If you want to comprehend the secrets of cold season pruning – why and how to do it – our specialists in lawn care in Potomac MD are here with some answers and explanations.

1. What Trees & Shrubs Can You Prune in Winter?

Most lawn care service Potomac MD providers, together with other professionals in the field, advise the beginner gardener and homeowner against winter pruning for a straightforward reason: when people do not know what types of vegetation (shrubs, trees) to prune in winter, they risk removing parts of a tree/bush that is already growing.

Those who know what they do, on the other hand, enjoy only the benefits of winter pruning. Before we get to them, we will explain in short what to prune in winter to avoid amputating your woody vegetation’s growth next spring.

  • Winter is one – if not the – best times to prune trees and shrubs that will bloom only in late spring and summer, or are not blooming at all;
  • In the case of early spring bloomers, you have to wait for the blossoms to fade to prune those trees and shrubs.

Here are some examples of vegetation you can and should trim and prune in winter, according to our experts in lawn care in Potomac MD:

  • Oaks – the best time to prune/cut them is only in between July and January; since tall, majestic oaks put some problems to gardeners, you should ask our lawn care Potomac MD specialists for an assessment and some help;
  • Azaleas – late winter;
  • Butterfly bush – late winter;
  • Hydrangeas – late winter;
  • Smoke bush – late winter or early spring, but before the beginning of growth;
  • Crape myrtle – late winter.

These are just a few examples. If you do not have precise knowledge of what type of tree/shrub/hedge to trim and prune in winter, ask our lawn care Potomac MD specialists for their expertise on the matter.

2. What are the Benefits of Winter Pruning? Tips for Best Lawn Care in Potomac MD

Winter pruning and trimming comes with plenty of advantages for the deciduous vegetation, you, and your property’s safety. Here are some things you should consider:

  • Since trees and bushes lack foliage, you can identify better what diseased and dead branches you can remove;
  • By removing such dangerous branches and twigs with accuracy, you ensure protection during winter storms and blizzards, reducing the risk of such vegetal debris to fly all over the place;
  • The trees and shrubs – once clean of the damaging dead and diseased branches or over-growths – will use the energy more efficiently to grow more bountiful in spring, yielding more new branches, flowers, and leaves;
  • The fresh cuts made in winter are less likely to fall, a victim of pathogens and pests – as they lie dormant in the cold season;
  • Since the trees and the vegetation, in general, also lies dormant in winter, you are less likely to cut down branches that began to produce new growth.

If you need help with your winter pruning and trimming, ask our pros in lawn care in Potomac MD for their support. It is always better to entrust your landscape to our lawn care service providers, as they will gladly give you a helping hand.