What Lawn Treatments in McLean VA Should You Ask For In Winter?

If you took care of your lawn and landscape all year long, you should enjoy the quiet, less busy days of winter. Sometimes, however, the cold weather takes its toll on your property, so you might need some interventions here and there to make sure everything is fine. Our experts in lawn treatments in McLean, VA, are here today to present you with a list of possible lawn maintenance services that you might consider during the cold season. They are not mandatory in their entirety, but knowing about them means being ready to step in to ensure your lawn is safe and thrives adequately come spring. Let’s see what our team can do for you!

1. Lawn Fertilization and Soil Amendments

The proper time to fertilize your lawn in winter is before the first hard snow and frost. However, in some cases, the situation requires different interventions. When it comes to lawn treatments in McLean, VA, lawn fertilization is mandatory to keep snow mold at bay. This fungus can cause a lot of damage if you ignore its presence on your property. Professional snow mold treatments and tailored fertilization will maintain things safe until spring.

Amending the soil in winter means adding organic nutrients and microbes to give your soil a boost in health and ensuring your dormant turf grass and plants’ roots will thrive in the warm season. Combinations of organic mulch, compost, micro-nutrients, and microbes can do wonders for your lawn. Just ask your local lawn treatments service in McLean, VA, to assess and see if such interventions are necessary.

2. Snow Mold Treatments

Speaking of snow mold, you should regularly check your lawn and landscape for this fungus’s signs and symptoms. If you leave it untreated, you put your property and plants at risk, as snow mold evolves into root rot, thus threatening your turf grasses and plants’ integrity and health. When it comes to lawn maintenance in McLean, VA, our experts can give you a hand with the prevention and eradication of snow mold.

3. Application of Foliage Anti-Desiccants

When the foliage of your trees, shrubs, hedges, or perennial ornamental freezes very hard, it tends to harden, crack, and show irreparable damage signs. Our lawn maintenance company in McLean, VA, recommends applying an anti-desiccant spray on the foliage to help trees and shrubbery preserve their moisture in cold conditions.

These are but a few interventions our experts in lawn treatments in McLean, VA, can help you with this winter. Contact them for free estimates on other lawn maintenance tasks as well!