Landscaping in Great Falls, VA with Dog-Friendly Grasses

Few things are better than playing with your dog or watching the kids play with their pups in the yard. Unfortunately, all this playtime (with the dog’s bathroom breaks) can wear down your lawn. If you have a very energetic pup, your flowerbeds and shrubs might suffer. However, if you’re planning some landscape upgrades this season, choosing some dog-resilient grasses and implementing some landscaping maintenance tips might allow your property to thrive, no matter how much paw traffic it sustains daily. Here are some suggestions from our landscaping company in Great Falls, VA!


If you have a large dog always in the mood to play and prance around, fescue is a good idea because it is hardy and fares well with active dogs who don’t say no to running and tumbling. Moreover, fescue is very absorbent, handling any dog’s urine easily. Many fescue varieties do not require intensive maintenance. They also tolerate shade and drought well. Just have your experts in landscape maintenance in Great Falls, VA, ensure your soil is always pH neutral and well-drained.

Kentucky Bluegrass

If you have a young pup who seems never to stop running, Kentucky Bluegrass is a good choice, as it is durable, resistant to wear and tear fast-growing, fast healing, and very thick. It does very well in colder areas but thrives in most climates. If you want to introduce this grass on your property, have your experts in landscaping in Great Falls, VA, test the soil, as this variety likes a rich soil that is slightly acidic to neutral.

Bermuda Grass

If it is the top choice for golf courses and sports fields, it will also make a top choice for your lawn. Bermuda is hardy and fast-healing, with strong root systems. So, if your dog loves to dig the yard, Bermuda might still resist the damage. Well suited for warmer climates and not pretentious when it comes to irrigation, Bermuda is great when you have a growing dog who loves to play outside.

Other things you can do to protect your lawn from dog damage include:

  • Water the areas where it pees immediately;
  • Collect pet waste frequently;
  • Get professional landscape maintenance services, including irrigation, pest control, fertilization, weed control, mowing, soil testing, etc.

You don’t have to sacrifice a beautiful green lawn because you have one or more dogs. Some grass varieties are just perfect for them. But, if you want your lawn and landscape to look their best even with your pawed-friend prancing across it, call our landscaping company in Great Falls, VA, for help and tips.