Lawn Treatments in McLean, VA to Prevent and Control Chickweed

Chickweed is such an adaptable weed it is now spread across the entire country, if not the globe. Unfortunately, it causes trouble for many homeowners, as it is an extremely invasive plant that is hard to remove. You need to learn as many things about chickweed as possible and get professional help to kill it if other methods fail. If you want the best lawn treatments in McLean, VA, against chickweed, our experts tell you a few things about this weed and its management.

Top Things to Know about Chickweed

Most gardeners face two types of chickweed: common and Mouseear. The common variety is annual, emerging in mid-to-late summer and completing its life cycle next spring. Mouseear chickweed is a perennial, able to reseed itself and spread uncontrollably. It is shorter in size than its cousin, and it is very hard to remove by hand.

Chickweed loves to grow in damp soils, so you should consider an appropriate irrigation program for your lawn this season. You will most likely find common chickweed in shade areas and mulched trees’ skirts.

Mouseear can grow in most shade and sunny areas, thriving in lawns with thin grass, malnourished, and poorly maintained. For this reason, you should consider a thorough and tailored fertilization and weed control annual program delivered by our lawn treatments company in McLean, VA.

Getting Rid of Chickweed: Top Tips

Proper lawn maintenance, fertilization, and weed control in McLean, VA, are your best “weapons” against chickweed. Here are some things our experts recommend:

  • Mow often, especially in areas where chickweed seems to take control of the territory. Once the grass reaches 3.5-4 inches in height, mow again.
  • Fertilize the soil well, so your grasses do not suffocate under this invasive plant.
  • Pull the weed by hand and till the soil often to remove it completely together with its roots. Try to dispose of the unearthed chickweed fast, as it can re-root from stem nodes.
  • Control il with a pre-emergent herbicide in late summer before it sprouts. Some of the most common broadleaf herbicides can also kill it while growing.
  • If you prefer more natural solutions, try mowing and tilling the soil often, or use corn gluten meal or horticultural vinegar to smother it. Mulch is also a good solution if chickweed starts to take over your flowerbeds.

Chickweed prevention means a consistent, professional lawn care maintenance service. Talk to our lawn treatments company in McLean, VA, about managing and removing this weed from your property forever.