Did You Use Too Many Lawn Treatments in McClean, VA?

Sometimes, homeowners get a bit too zealous with their lawn fertilizers? Add fertilizers and amendments to your lawn frequently counts for zealousness. But, on the other hand, seasonal applications done wrong can also lead to over-fertilization issues. As we all know, these substances are an excellent way to ensure your lawn keeps its green, healthy, and luxuriant state throughout the year. However, excess or incorrect applications can dry out the soil, making the grass turn yellow or brown or, in some cases, completely dead. Our experts in lawn treatments in McClean, VA, are here today to explain a few things about over-fertilization and what you can do about it.

The Main Causes of Over-fertilization

According to our fertilizer and weed control company in McClean, VA, the major factor contributing to your lawn over-fertilization is applying massive amounts of fertilizer at once. It is not the only way, however. Sometimes, you can over-fertilize your lawn by other subtler, sneakier means. Let’s see a few examples:

  • If your soil doesn’t drain properly because you skipped aeration this season, the salts in the fertilizer usually build-up, burning the grass’s roots.
  • Pet urine contains big amounts of nitrogen. In high concentration, it can harm your lawn. Patches of discolored grass may mean your furry friend could be the culprit.
  • Suppose you neglected your lawn maintenance for a while. In that case, your stressed grass can fall victim to over-fertilization because it cannot properly absorb minerals and nutrients from the fertilizer, causing it to accumulate salt.
  • Fertilizer burn is not always lethal to your grasses and soil. But it can be difficult to predict whether your grass will recover or not from this trauma.

Our experts in lawn treatments in McClean, VA, recommend not fertilizing the lawn without a proper aeration and soil test. Moreover, even if granular fertilizers are safer, they can still harm your lawn over time, so hiring a professional company is the best way to approach fertilization and weed control.

If you need to deal with a damaged lawn, you need to know that its recovery will depend on many factors, including the soil’s moisture and the turf’s general health and resilience.

If you need help with lawn treatments in McClean, VA, weed control, and other protective measures, you can call our experts and get things done the easy way. Contact us for a free estimate and allow your lawn and plants to thrive without any risks.