Landscaping Potomac VA Pros’ Tips on Fall Tree Planting

Many homeowners believe that spring is the default season for planting shrubs or trees. Unfortunately, unforgiving winters and unbreakable soil are not quite inviting to start revamping your landscape. But while spring is a great time to plant, fall could be even more ideal for such activities. While the proper period is mid-August to mid-October, you can stretch well into November and even December if the conditions are right. Today, our experts in landscaping in Potomac, VA, are here to tell you a few things about planting trees in autumn.

Why is Fall Planting Beneficial?

Planting in the fall offers new trees and shrubs an extra growing season before summer starts taking its toll. In addition, the perfect mix of cooler temperatures and rain allows plants to establish their roots. Overall, according to our landscape maintenance company in Potomac, VA, planting in the fall makes it easier for trees to adjust to next year’s extreme heat or drought.

Usually, homeowners fear that new plants cannot withstand the winter. However, it is not the case. Most trees go dormant in the winter. This state slows their growth, energy consumption, and metabolism, so you should not worry about anything.

Where to Plant New Trees/Shrubs in the Fall?

Just as it goes with real estate, location is crucial. Our landscaping architects in Potomac, VA, say that the planting time has a smaller impact than the planting place. So, before you start anything, assess the space to ensure it will be suitable for the trees as they grow. Or, better yet, discuss matters with your landscaping company in Potomac, VA, to help you choose the best spots. Here are some things to factor in:

  • Closeness to surrounding structures.
  • The quantities of sun, shade, and moisture your trees will get as they grow.
  • The presence of underground utility lines or power lines.

What Should You Do After You Planted?

As you probably imagine, newly planted trees and shrubs require a lot of care. Here are some things to consider:

  • Add a two to a three-inch ring of mulch at the base of your trees and shrubs;
  • Water the plants right after planting, even if you have low temperatures outside.
  • Refrain from over fertilization; if you don’t know what to do, ask your expert landscapers in Potomac, VA, for their help.

Fall planting comes with plenty of benefits – stronger root systems and less maintenance. But, don’t forget that all new trees/shrubs will still require some care in their first year of life. If you need help, ask our landscaping company in Potomac, VA!