Landscaping Great Falls VA Pros Recommend These 3 Privacy Hedges and Trees

When you plan a landscape design or a landscape upgrade, privacy is a factor to consider. You may already have some hedges, but if you want more shielding from curious eyes and a vegetal backdrop to border or compartmentalize your property, privacy plants need to find their way into your project. Our landscaping Great Falls, VA, service providers are here to tell you about three privacy shrubs and trees you could introduce into your landscape.

1. Euonymus

Despite its difficult-to-pronounce name, Euonymus is a trendy privacy plant, mostly because it tolerates all types of soils (even the poor ones) and fares well in all weather types. In other words, you can redesign your landscape with this gorgeous plant and worry little about its maintenance. Our landscaping design pros in Great Falls, VA, recommend it because it can add color, texture, and contrast to any landscape. Euonymus comes in a wide range of foliage hues, from green to gold and variegated. Call our hedge & shrub trimming service in Great Falls, VA, for regular pruning and shaping. You can plant more of them close together for a lush hedge or have our landscape designers prune them in the shape of trees.

2. Red Twig Dogwood

With a high tolerance for extreme temperatures and even soggy soils, red twig dogwood is a spectacular tree to add to your landscape for both decoration and privacy. Just like any tree, it needs its fair share of trimming, pruning, and shaping. Moreover, it can grow fast, reaching 8 feet in height and 10 feet in width, so some mandatory interventions.  Our hedge & shrub-trimming service in Great Falls, VA, is at your disposal at any time. Remember that red twig dogwood is a deciduous plant; it loses its leaves when the cold season comes. However, according to our landscaping company in Great Falls, VA, you are in for a treat, as you will enjoy the cold season in the company of its thicket of bright red branches.

3. Hick Yew

The last privacy plant on our landscaping Great Falls, VA, experts’ list is the hick yew. This low-maintenance evergreen shrub needs little trimming and pruning. Its soft needles and winter berries make an excellent choice as decoration or living privacy wall on any property. If you entertain wildlife around your home in winter, the hick yew berries will be a treat for your winter visitors.

Call our landscaping company in Great Falls, VA, and ask for more information about adding these gorgeous plants to your property!