Worried about Invasive Plants? Get the Best Lawn Treatments in Potomac VA

A common issue among homeowners is getting rid of weeds and other invasive plants. However, the problem with the latter is that most of them do not look like weeds at all; they behave like ones. Moreover, the definitions differ in a few key points. Invasive plants come from somewhere else, introduced into an environment to which they do not belong and in which they don’t evolve naturally. For this reason, if you find invasive plants in your landscape, you should know they don’t have natural enemies to limit their spreading. For this reason, you need expert lawn treatments in Potomac, VA, to get rid of them. Our fertilization and weed control experts are here to tell you a few things about invasive plants, so you know what to do if you see them on your property.

How Do Invasive Plants Get on Your Property?

Many invasive plants are now reproducing wildly in an area because they “escaped” from gardens and landscapes in other regions. People purchase them at local nurseries, from wholesale suppliers, and via mail-order sources. Once they establish a new territory, these plants can take over massive territory, affecting native plants and damaging local ecosystems and even animals.

When homeowners want some exotic plants to spice up their landscapes, the first thing they need to do is discuss matters with their local landscapists and lawn treatments company in Potomac, VA. The introduction of invasive plants can prove costly to one’s landscape and the environment altogether.

How to Get Rid of Invasive Plants on Your Landscape?

At first, some invasive plants look like the missing ingredients your property needed to look even better. Plants like kudzu, the purple wintercreeper, the crown vetch, the Chinese privet, etc., are gorgeous. However, they will spread like wildfire, and they will take over in lack of natural enemies. Here is what you must know about fertilization and weed control when it comes to invasive plants:

  • Don’t use weed killers without the proper identification of the invasive plants;
  • Always have specialized lawn treatments in Potomac, VA, to address the invasive plants specifically without harming your grasses or other plants;
  • One type of herbicide will not work for all invasive plants, so it is better to leave things in the hands of professionals.

Invasive plants tend to fight (and win) the resource wars against your grasses and other plants. For this reason, before you introduce anything new on the property, make sure your local lawn treatments experts in Potomac, VA vet the plants first.