Lawn Treatments Potomac VA Experts on Using Fallen Leaves this Year

Fallen leaves can become problematic for landscapes rich in trees, ornamentals, shrubs, hedges, and other plants that lose foliage this time of year. What can you do with so many dead plant material, knowing that you cannot leave it there to rot on the ground? Moist leaves can entertain mold and fungi, diseases, rot, and pests. On the other hand, collecting fallen leaves and throwing them away is a waste of a rich organic vegetal resource. Today, our lawn treatments service provider in Potomac, VA, is here to offer you a few tips on how to use fall leaves.

Fallen Leaves Uses in Your Lawn and Garden

If you are thinking about mulch installation in Potomac, VA, you guessed it right: mulch is among the first ideas. But there are more!

  • Use your lawnmower on its highest blade setting to shred the dead leaves on your lawn, as we instructed you on a previous occasion. Use your rake to gather the shredded leaves and use them as mulch. Together with sawdust, chopped twigs, and bark, etc., fallen leaves make an excellent layer of nutrition and protection for your flowerbeds, trees, vegetable garden, etc.
  • According to our lawn treatments experts in Potomac, VA, you should use the lawnmower – as mentioned above – but insist on the shredding until you obtain tiny leaf bits that break down easily and nourish the ground. This way, your leaves will act as a soil amendment to retain moisture, feed the roots, and protect the soil from the cold.
  • Our lawn treatments in Potomac, VA, experts recommend adding as many fallen leaves as you can to your compost pile. Remember to turn your compost pile at least once a month to allow oxygen to circulate through the vegetal material.
  • You may not know this, but if you dry leaves and bag them, you can use the bags as insulation for your outdoor structures, pet shelters, and other constructions.
  • Wildlife shelter. If you entertain wildlife in the winter on your property, a few piles of dry leaves here and there can provide warmth, nourishment, and safety to small animals.

In case you need more tips and tricks on how to use dry leaves on your property this year, talk to our lawn treatment experts in Potomac, VA, to give you a hand. If you need a mulch installation in Potomac, VA, our technicians are here to help!