Early Fall Landscaping in Potomac VA: Top Activities to Consider

Fall is a good season for gardening and landscaping activities that will benefit your property during the cold season and spring. However, while the temperatures are still excellent, you want to make a few preparations here and there to enhance your landscape’s health, beauty, and resilience. Today, our professionals in landscaping in Potomac, VA, are here to provide you with some guidelines and hints on early fall landscape activities to make sure you enjoy a thriving yard next year.

1. Increase the Mowing Height

As a general rule, if you mow your lawn on your own, it would be best if you increased the mowing height in September by at least ½ inch. Taller blades seize a lot of sunshine and preserve more nutrients for the upcoming cold season. If the turf is denser, it will additionally be capable of combating early fall weeds. Some grasses like St. Augustine, Bermuda, or Zoysia genuinely do better if you leave them to develop a little taller in early autumn.

2. Test the Soil

According to our experts in landscaping in Potomac, VA, your soil might need some mending this season. Check the soil pH and its nutrients with the help of your local lawn care and landscaping company. Everything else you do on your property depends on these test results.

3. Aerate and Reseed the Lawn

Our landscaping company in Potomac, VA, recommends you aerate the soil once in spring and fall. Now is the time to do it. You additionally want to reseed and restore bare spots after you end the aeration process. Aeration is obligatory in early fall because it allows the soil to absorb the much-needed light, oxygen, and fertilizers better. Reseeding comes as a subsequent measure to strengthen your landscape for the upcoming cold season.

4. Irrigate Often

Evergreens need special care in September and October to make sure they survive the cold season. If you already got a wet fall, you can tweak your watering practices with the help of our experts in landscaping in Potomac, VA.

5. Fertilize and Control the Weeds

Pre-emergence weed management is a must-do activity in early fall, as pre-emergence herbicides will control the spreading of this season’s weeds. If possible, use natural weed management methods. Better yet, ask for your landscaping company in Potomac, VA, to assess the situation and help you with fertilization and weed control programs tailored for your property’s needs.