3 Early Summer Weed Control Tips from our Lawn Treatments Great Falls VA Pros

One of the most annoying issues to deal with in early summer is weeds. If you have vulnerable plants or you grow vegetables, the issue becomes more serious. Weeds damage crops just as they damage lawns and landscapes. Sometimes, the use of fertilizers, weed killers, or chemical treatments is impossible, no matter how efficient pre-emergent treatments are. Chemical weed killers and most herbicides also negatively affect the crops, making them inedible. It is why our lawn treatments Great Falls VA specialists are here today. They wish to give you some tips on sustainably keeping weeds at bay without stressing the soil, the crops, and the lawn.

1. Ask for Professional Mulching Services

We have talked about mulching and its advantages before, but today we will take a closer look at different types of mulches that help you fight against weeds. Ask our experts in lawn treatments in Great Falls, VA, to help you choose and apply mulch in flowerbeds or vegetable rows.

  • Moist mulch can indirectly help you fend off weeds as it strengthens the roots systems to become more resilient to weeds sprouting bursts.
  • Dry mulch – dry mulch (hard and mostly woody) acts as a natural physical barrier against weeds.
  • Inorganic mulch – it usually takes the shape of plastic layers, rubber pellets, or landscape fabric. It can also come like a stone/gravel ground cover to physically stop weeds in their tracks.

2. Do Not Disturb Dormant Weeds

It sounds like a paradox, but our lawn fertilization company in Great Falls, VA, talks about dormant weeds and seeds that didn’t sprout yet. Until the cavalry arrives with dedicated lawn treatments, pull some weeds and maintain your lawn and garden clean. Do not disturb or encourage dormant weeds with extensive lawn care activities involving massive soil disturbances – intensive digging, new plantations, and plant removals. If you just overseeded and herbicides are out of the question, weed pulling is your best bet to prevent an infestation.

3. Don’t Bring the Weeds Yourself

According to our lawn fertilization contractors in Great Falls, VA, you can also keep weeds at bay by limiting the number of potted plants you bring home from the nursery. Many pots contain weed seeds that can germinate in the right circumstances. If you want to revamp your landscape in summer, ask your local experts to help you choose potted plants that do not come together with weed seeds.

Moreover, ask for professional lawn treatments in Great Falls, VA! Our techncians are more than happy to help!