You Overseeded. Now What? Experts in Lawn Care in McLean VA Share Their Tips

Early summer is, quite truthfully, the season to be jolly about your yard. If you had plans during spring, now it is time to turn them into reality. May is quite an active month from a lawn care and landscaping point of view, as all things seem to happen simultaneously. However, you should not hurry with your plans, especially if the weather allowed you to overseed the lawn recently. Not many homeowners know, but reseeding portions of your landscape comes with some restrictions and special measures. Today, our experts in lawn care in McLean, VA, are here to share some suggestions on what to do after you overseeded the lawn.

Lawn Tips and Tricks after Overseeding

Homeowners usually wonder what to do after they overseeded their lawns and landscapes. According to our lawn care service provider in McLean, VA, here are the main issues to consider:

  • Lawn traffic. Do not trample the yard after you reseeded it – under any circumstance. You should limit your foot traffic and children’s play for a couple of weeks until the seedlings turn into strong grasses that withstand mowing. Our technicians in lawn care in McLean, VA, can visit you, inspect the overseeded turf and give you the green light on crossing the yard again. As you can easily understand, vehicular traffic on reseeded lawns is also out of the question.
  • Fertilization and weed control. You should not use weed killers, herbicides, fertilizers, or insecticides on a freshly overseeded lawn. While weeds tend to burst to life in such lawn areas, refrain from treating the yard with chemicals. If you want to use other means of keeping weeds at bay until the seedlings grow robust, ask our lawn care company in McLean, VA, for its help.
  • Lawn watering depends on the weather and other conditions. However, the correct irrigation of a newly reseeded lawn should include daily watering twice a day. Talk to our lawn care provider in McLean, VA, for an assessment to ensure you do not overwater your property.
  • Usually, our experts in lawn care in McLean, VA, recommend homeowners to mow the lawn only when the seedlings bec0me strong grasses that have reached their recommended mowing height for this period.

Instead of worrying about all these tasks, why don’t you ask our lawn care company in McLean, VA, to provide you with a complex lawn maintenance plan for the entire year? We guarantee the best results!