Lawn Treatments Potomac VA Experts’ Advice on Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Weeds are one of a handful of things that tend to ruin our joy and relaxation throughout the winter. All homeowners have to keep an eye on them at all times and ensure they do not ruin our flowerbeds, lawns, and landscapes. Things can get even more complicated in spring, as you need to address weeds in steps, phases, and stages. Pre-emergent weed control is one of the most critical issues in lawn care and lawn treatments in Potomac, VA. Today, our experts in fertilization and weed control in Potomac, VA, are here to offer you some actionable advice regarding pre-emergent lawn treatments.

1. Pre-emergent Treatments Don’t Kill Existing Weeds

Beginner gardeners might confuse pre-emergent weed control with other annual lawn treatments in Potomac, VA. You should apply pre-emergent weed killers and herbicides before any unwanted weeds begin to germinate.

One of the most crucial things to know about pre-emergent crabgrass control (and other weeds’ control) is how these substances work. Their major action path is to inhibit weed seeds from germinating, usually by preventing cells from dividing or stopping any roots from developing from those seeds.

2. Soil Temperature Influences Pre-Emergent Treatments’ Success

If you want any lawn treatments in Potomac, VA, to prevent weeds from germinating and ruining your lawn, you need to pay attention to the soil’s temperature. According to agriculture and horticulture specialists, you should call your local team of lawn fertilization and weed control in Potomac, VA, as early in the season as possible. It means that you should wait for the soil to reach an average temperature of 50-55 degrees for at least five consecutive days.

3. Avoid Using Pre-Emergent Herbicides after Overseeding

Overseeding and weed control go together well in very few contexts. If you just overseeded your lawn and covered bare spots with new seeds, avoid using pre-emergent treatments. They might indiscriminately inhibit both turf and weed seeds from germinating. Instead, our experts in lawn treatments in Potomac, VA, recommend you use a golf course lawn stabilizer. Such substances include combinations of fertilizers and weed killers in proper combinations to sustain the grass seeds’ growth.

Do You Need Professional Pre-Emergent Weed Control in Potomac, VA?

Don’t let pre-emergent weed control to chance! It is harder to remove and treat weeds after they started taking over the lawn. Talk to our experts in lawn treatments in Potomac, VA, and ask them for their help with all the necessary spring tasks. Ask for a free estimate and expect the same outstanding results as always!