How to Deal with a Water-Clogged Lawn: Tips from Our Lawn Care Potomac VA Experts

If your lawn turns into a pond after each storm or the soil turns into a squishy mudslide, it is clear that your yard has some drainage issues. In late spring and early summer, rain is more frequent, and the soil risks forming clay areas. Nevertheless, other factors contributing to water clogging include the flatness of your property, heavy foot traffic, clay soil, and extremely low lawn spots. Before you allow water clogging to ruin your yard this season and damage your grasses and plants, talk to our lawn care Potomac VA experts. They can give you a hand with this problem, which, fortunately, is solvable! Let’s see what you can do!

1. Lawn Core Aeration

The logical course of action would be to allow the soil to dry. However, if the weather is not on your side and the puddles sit on your lawn for days, you need to act. One of the easiest solutions is to call our lawn care company in Potomac, VA, for a professional deep soil aeration session. Our experts can help you eliminate the puddles and excess water from your lawn by using professional-grade lawn aerators. This technique yields the best results when the soil is moist and not soggy. However, lawn aeration is the best treatment when you need to help the lawn drain while breaking the clay formations.

2. Top Dressing with Compost and Sand

Horticultural sand together with compost makes one of the best topdressing solutions for water-clogged lawns. Ask our experts in lawn care in Potomac, VA, for their help with this task. After the aeration process, your lawn now has plenty of holes allowing air and sunlight to reach deep into the soil and help with drainage and plant growth. But sand and compost also work their way down to maintain an open, breathing soil structure. As they break down deep inside, these materials feed the grasses and plants while improving drainage.

3. Lawn Regrading

It may be a costly project, but consider you can do it once in the lifetime of your property. Regrading means hiring our lawn care contractor in Potomac, VA, to use dedicated equipment to raise the low spots and lower the high spots on your lawn. Creating slopes, installing a French drain, or digging ditches to ensure a positive water flow in the right direction are excellent methods to prevent water clogging from ever occurring again.

Call our experts in lawn care in Potomac, VA, for a lawn assessment if water clogging is ruining your lawn! They are more than willing to help!