Our Lawn Treatments McLean VA Experts Answer Your Questions on Dandelion Control

Dandelion control is one of the hardest tasks homeowners have to engage in to prevent the spreading of these weeds. The ones who gave up on their turfs for xeriscaping principles, turning their yards into weed lawns, don’t have any problems with dandelions (or clover). Such weeds grow and spread with little to no maintenance. But those who want their lush, green lawns untouched by the yellow weeds need professional interventions. Our experts in lawn treatments in McLean, VA, are here today to discuss a few aspects concerning this broadleaf weed that can take over a lawn in the blink of an eye.

1. Why Are Dandelions Dangerous to Lawns?

Individual dandelion plants bloom unceasingly while active, but most abundantly in May and June. The issue with these weeds is that they spread like wildfire. If last year you had ten dandelions here and there on the lawn, this year you may have to kill a few hundred. Another problem most homeowners do not know about is that weed pulling does not work with dandelions. As flimsy and delicate as they appear, these weeds can grow roots that go as deep as two feet into the ground. For this reason, if you have a dandelion problem in your yard, it is best to call our fertilization and weed control company in McLean, VA.

2. Can You Get Rid of Dandelions by Yourself?

Yes, but no professional horticulturist will ever recommend it. Dandelions are broadleaf weeds that need selective herbicides and weed killers. Moreover, organic treatments might prove insufficient to remove large numbers of dandelions. For this reason, you should discuss with our lawn treatments company in McLean, VA, about hybrid organic-inorganic weed control blends.

Besides containing various proportions of natural and chemical weed killers, these blends also feed the lawn while killing dandelions. DIY methods of killing dandelions (and other weeds) might harm the environment, people, insects, pets, etc. Another reason to call in fertilization and weed control experts is to assess the situation and apply tailored blends of herbicides.

3. How Does Your Lawn Treatment Company in McLean, VA Approach Dandelion Control?

If you have been working for us for a while, you know our technicians probably assessed the situation already and implemented their seasonal multi-step weed control program. If you are new to this, you can expect our experts in lawn treatments in McLean, VA to evaluate your lawn and understand its needs. They will apply dandelion herbicides and lawn fertilization solutions so you can enjoy a green, dense, and lush lawn without any yellow or eerie white spots!