Eco Landscaping in McLean VA: Repurpose Your Christmas Tree

Don’t you just hate it when you see gorgeous Christmas trees waiting at the curb to be picked up by garbage trucks? Can’t we find better ways to repurpose them when we don’t want to pot them, hoping they will take new root? Our landscaping McLean, VA experts, have some suggestions on how you could put the trees to good use in your yards this year!

Use the Tree in Compost

Add the tree to your compost pile piece by piece and all that precious organic matter. Here is what our landscaping company in McLean, VA recommends:

  • Remove the branches and cut the tree into smaller chunks using a pruner.
  • Gather the material into a pile and let it sit in your yard until the needles fall off and the branches become brittle.
  • Use the brown material to your compost all winter long.

It’s harder to find brown material in winter to achieve the proper 2:1 ratio, so keep your Christmas tree close.

Turn the Tree into Wood Chips for Cover and Mulch

According to our landscape company in McLean, VA, wood chips make excellent ground cover and mulch to control weeds, protect the plants from frost, or fill your garden paths. Wood chips allow water, air, and light to circulate while blocking weeds and slowly decomposing them into nutritional elements for your dormant grasses and plants.

If you own a wood chipper, you have everything settled for you. Next, turn the Christmas tree branches and trunk into chips and start conserving moisture, smother weeds, keep wildlife at bay, and prevent wet soil from splashing around when you walk around in your yard.

A thick layer of chips (up to 6 inches) is an excellent addition to your landscape. It will also provide you with a good surface to walk on, let alone the gorgeous scent that will accompany you during every walk.

Use the Tree Trunk and Branches to Support Other Plants

Remove the sturdiest branches from the tree and strip them of their needles too. Save the needles for mulch or compost. Now you can use the branches as plant stakes to support vines, climbing plants, house potted plants, vegetable seedlings, and more. If you also keep a vegetable garden, remember that you can use the stakes to protect tomatoes from cutworm damage next spring.

If you need help with turning your Christmas tree into mulch, ground cover, plant support, or even rustic garden bed edging, talk to our experts in landscaping in McLean, VA. They will gladly offer you the assistance you need!