Garden and Lawn Treatments in Great Falls VA with Wood Ash

If you use your indoor or outdoor fireplaces a lot in the winter, you find yourself having plenty of ash to dispose of every week. But should you throw away wood ashes? Our lawn treatments company in Great Falls, VA, recommends reusing it for your lawn and garden. Let’s see how!

Restore Acidic Soil

According to experts, you can use wood ashes to help balance soil’s pH and correct its acidity. But, of course, you should perform a soil test first and avoid using ash as a soil amendment if you have veggies and plants that thrive on acidic soils. Our weed control and fertilization company in Great Falls, VA, can help you with it.

Add Ashes to the Compost Pile

Wood ash is equally rich in nutrients as the trees it comes from. It contains magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other trace minerals. For this reason, in the correct quantities, it acts as a great soil amendment.

However, if you don’t want to risk changing your soil’s pH, you can use the ashes in your compost pile. The ash nutrients will boost the activity of the microbial environment, thus supercharging the compost.

Use it as Snails and Slugs Control

While it is true you have limited pest activity in the yard during winter, slugs and snails can find a way to destroy your wintering garden crops and ornamental plants. Talk to your lawn treatments service provider in Great Falls, VA, about the soil’s pH and the best ways you can protect your veggies and plants from the slimy creepers. One of the easiest methods to keep them at bay is making ash circles around the plants vulnerable to slugs and snails.

Minimize Frost Damage to Crops

Apply a thin layer of ash on your plants to prevent frost damage. Make sure you don’t overdo the dusting, as the ashes could burn young leaves.

Use Ash for Safe Deicing

Instead of salt and other deicing chemicals, add a layer of wood ash on your walkways, pathways, decks, driveway, etc., to prevent snow and ice accumulations. Ice-melting products are harmful to everything they encounter: your home’s infrastructure, the soil and dormant plants’ roots, the environment, your pets, etc. Ash keeps your walkways clear. However, remember to tell everyone to take their shoes off before entering the house, as ash becomes messy.

For more help with adding natural fertilizers and amendments to your yard and garden this winter, ask our experts in lawn treatments in Great Falls, VA, for their advice!