Do You Need Lawn Treatments in McLean VA against Noxious Weeds?

Most lawns and gardens are now in the bit of a struggle against summer weeds threatening to take up space and resources. Luckily, with our experts in lawn treatments in McLean, VA, your gorgeous grasses, flowers, and plants will fare just fine. However, the problem of noxious weeds is quite important, especially for those who travel long distances in areas with intense agriculture and horticulture activity. We say this because you could carry back some seeds unknowingly, and it might become a severe issue if you don’t pay attention to them. So let’s discuss today a few things about noxious weeds!

What Are Noxious Weeds in the First Place?

As you know, federal, state, and local authorities place weeds in three main categories: “regular” weeds, noxious weeds, and invasive ones. As their name suggests, the toxic ones are harmful to crops, livestock, people, and pets. In addition, they interfere with public health, peoples’ recreation, property, and wildlife. Usually, states and local communities have intervention regulations to contain such weeds and stop their spreading. But the government cannot inspect your front lawn or backyard to identify noxious weeds, so you will have to do it together with your local lawn treatments company in McLean, VA.

Are Noxious Weeds as Harmful as Advertised?

Yes and no. It would be best to eradicate them according to the laws in your state because many are very dangerous. For instance, all the parts of the bindweed plant (a beautiful but ferocious vine) are poisonous.

On the other hand, some noxious weeds are edible (with some precautions), while a select few act as some of the most important pollinators and bee life supporters in the world. So, on the one hand, we all have the environment to worry about (and bee populations are dropping), and on the other, we have our properties, livestock, children, and pets to consider.

What Should You Do If You Find Unfamiliar Weeds on Your Property?

If you stumble upon some odd-looking plants you have not seen before on your property, the first thing to do is contact our fertilization and weed control company in McLean, VA. It is not likely you need to deal with noxious weeds, but you cannot be too sure. Depending on what they find, your technicians will help you make the right steps towards notifying the authorities and implementing strict control programs. Compared with noxious weeds, crabgrass and dandelions seem a pleasure to deal with, but you should not worry too much. Our experts in lawn treatments in McLean, VA, are here to help!