Our Pros in Lawn Treatments in McLean VA Share Their Tips on Spring Tree Mulching

Mulching is a fantastic lawn care and lawn treatment activity to perform in spring to protect your yard and garden while boosting your plants’ health. If you already hired our specialists in lawn treatments in McLean, VA, you know this activity comes with great benefits all year long for spring preparations. In case you did not hire our specialists in mulching in McLean, VA, and you want to perform this activity on your own, here are some things to consider!

How and Why Use Mulching in McLean, VA for Trees, Flowerbeds, and More

Ask any lawn treatment experts, and they will emphasize that mulch acts as a blanket for your soil, seedlings, and plants’ roots. Mulch comes in many shapes, as our mulching company in McLean, VA, has said many times before. Organic mulch is of interest when you consider eco-friendly, affordable, and sustainable lawn maintenance and lawn treatments.

Our experts in lawn treatments in McLean, VA, use first-class dark brown double-shredded hardwood mulch, but other varieties are just as useful. Now that we made things clear, let’s see a few considerations regarding mulching your property this spring!

  • When the weather warms up, start to inspect your trees, shrubs, flowerbeds, and veggie garden at least weekly. Look at the roots, the area around the roots’ system, the bark, branches, and foliage of shrubs & hedges, the flowers, decorative plants, etc.
  • Make sure you assess the soil at the tress’ base and observe whether there is any suspicious pest activity, the presence of fungi or diseases, insect or wildlife activity.
  • Call our lawn care company in McLean, VA, to intervene in the case of insect, weed, or disease infestations. While mulch will help you keep such threats at bay, if they are already taking a toll on your spring lawn and vegetation, you need professional interventions.
  • Add a 3-inch layer of natural mulch around each tree/shrub in a 3-foot wide circle while keeping a 3-inch distance between the mulch and the tree bark. If you find hard the application of the 3-3-3 tree-mulching rule, ask your team of lawn treatments in McLean VA team to apply the mulch for you.
  • This rule is also valid for the application of mulch in flowerbeds or vegetable gardens.

If you need help with anything, ask our mulching company in McLean, VA, to draft a lawn care and maintenance program for you! We deliver you a free estimate for all spring activities you need help with, so contact us now!