Lawn Care Potomac VA Experts’ Tips on Lawn Care Trends

One might argue that there are no annual lawn care trends to consider as years unfold. It may be so because you will always aerate your lawn in spring, no doubt about it. However, the lawn care industry identifies and sometimes follows some trends that prove to be valuable. Since spring is right around the corner, our lawn care experts in Potomac, VA, are here to tell you about the latest lawn care trends you could implement on your property this season!

1. Smart Lawn Irrigation Systems

Lawn irrigation is one of the most important lawn care issues all year long, and all homeowners invest time and money in it. As you know, the residential water consumption is skyrocketing, and many people are trying to cut the waste together with the costs. When it comes to lawn maintenance in Potomac, VA, our lawn care company noticed that more and more customers embrace smart watering systems for their yards. From smart sprinkler systems to subsurface irrigation and weather and water flow sensors to lawn irrigation systems capable of monitoring soil and plant water use, you have plenty of options. Some are expensive, indeed, but saving water and money matters. If you want more details, ask your experts in lawn care in Potomac, VA, for more information!

2. Organic Pest Control

The use of insecticides and chemicals to deter pests like mosquitoes or wildlife such as rabbits, voles, or deer takes an organic route this year. This year, experts recommend planting aromatic herbs such as lavender, lilac, and allium as eco-friendly solutions for insects and animals. For small animals, add thorny plants – roses for the hot months and American holly for winter. Ask your lawn care company in Potomac, VA, about aromatic plants that deter pests and wildlife. Discuss perimeter pest control and other non-chemical solutions to keep insects away from your lawn!

3. Composting and Mulching

It is not a surprise that more homeowners are going the eco-friendly route to soil fertilization and lawn treatments for nourishment and protection. If you do not want to host a huge compost pile on your property, compost bins for the kitchen can be excellent choices to produce constant significant amounts of fertilizers for your flowerbeds, shrubs, trees, etc. When it comes to mulching, you know you can always rely on our experts in lawn care in Potomac VA for help!

Contact our lawn care company in Potomac, VA, for your upcoming spring lawn care activities and see if you can adopt such trends this year too!