Using Herbicides on Your Lawn: Our Experts in Lawn Treatments in Great Falls VA Have Some Tips

Lawn care means more than mowing or watering the grasses and flowers correctly. It also comes with a huge responsibility: using herbicides and lawn treatments to keep weeds away from your turf and plants. Most homeowners call a professional lawn care company to deal with weeds, but sometimes the situation is so dire, people want to take matters into their own hands. However, even the most seasoned gardeners sometimes forget how damaging herbicides are for plants, the soil, and the environment. Today, our experts in lawn treatments in Great Falls, VA, are here to give you some tips on herbicide use on your property until the experts take over.

Tips to Remember When You Engage in Lawn Treatments by Yourself

First, you should always call a team of lawn treatment experts in Great Falls, VA, to assess the situation. They are the most capable of establishing a course of action: pre-emergent, post-emergent, and seasonal weed control interventions. Nevertheless, if you feel you cannot wait and you need to put a break into the weed invasion, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Start simple: an efficient weed cleaning (hand pulling), fertilization, and watering program might show excellent results as long as you have some patience. Weed pulling is a good solution when you have a few invaders here and there.
  2. Use organic weed control measures. In case you have to deal with a severe infestation, our experts in lawn treatments in Great Falls, VA, recommend you consider organic weed control. It is safer for the soil, the other plants, and the environment. You can mix your solutions at home or buy organic herbicides from specialized stores.
  3. If you apply herbicides yourself, follow the rules. Even organic substances and weed killers come with instructions. Read the labels, use the recommended quantities and dosages, and make sure the herbicides address the weeds without affecting your turf or other plants.
  4. Don’t use broad-spectrum herbicides. Our lawn service in Great Falls, VA, uses tailored blends of weed deterrents to ensure their damaging effects do not spread or contaminate turf grasses, flowers, or edible plants.
  5. Use organic mulches to keep weeds at bay and give your plants and grasses a fighting chance to fight the invasion until the cavalry arrives.

Lawn care is complicated, and you need the proper lawn care contractor in Great Falls, VA, to take care of things. For fertilization and weed control services, call our experts in lawn treatments in Great Falls, VA, to help you!