Lawn Treatments in Great Falls VA: How to Kill Spring Moss

Moss flourishes in moist, shady, and acidic soil. This is a truth that not many homeowners know, but many have to deal with every spring and early fall. Controlling moss can seem hopeless once it establishes in your lawn, but effective control is simpler than you think. According to our lawn treatments company in Great Falls, VA, reclaiming your lawn means removing the existing lawn moss and correcting the conditions that entertain its growth. When your lawn is healthy and supports vigorous grass growth, moss tends to disappear. As a primitive plant, moss doesn’t process water and nutrients as other plants do. Therefore, the usual weed killers and lawn fertilizers will not help you get rid of it. You should not count on herbicides designed to kill all plant types either.

So, What Do You Do about Moss?

Our fertilization and weed control company in Great Falls, VA, advises homeowners to remove moss is when it’s actively growing: in early spring in our case. Most moss control substances contain iron and naturally occurring iron substances, such as ferrous sulfate. For this reason, they are highly efficient at killing lawn moss. They do so by drawing out the moisture moss loves so much. The result is that the mosses dry up, turn black or brown, and die. Here are some types of moss-killing solutions that come in various forms:

  • Ready-to-spray liquid herbicides kill lawn moss with dandelions and other regular broadleaf weeds. Such substances suppress fungal lawn diseases, too, including snow mold.
  • Granular herbicides with a high concentration of iron kill mosses and promote green, thick grasses.
  • Granular mixes of iron with nitrogen-rich lawn fertilizers kill moss and feed your lawn, promoting thick grasses and helping combat moss growth all year long.

Preventing Future Lawn Moss

To keep your lawn free from moss, you need to take some steps to correct the problems that entertain moss growth in the first place. Here are some recommendations from our lawn treatments and fertilization company in Great Fall, VA:

  • Soil testing to see if your soil is too acid;
  • Lawn drainage improvements;
  • The thinning of nearby trees or shrubs to let more light reach the grass below;
  • Aeration if your soil is compacted;
  • Regular lawn fertilization, weed control, and maintenance keep the grasses and plants healthy and strong.

The best way to prevent lawn moss is to keep your lawn in perfect condition. Ask our experts in lawn treatments in Great Falls, VA, for their help to kill moss and maintain your yard healthy all year long.