Organic Lawn Treatments in Potomac VA with the Help of Charcoal

Adding charcoal to the soil is a simple and efficient method of growing lush flowers and green plants in your yard. According to our lawn treatments company in Potomac, VA, charcoal does amazing things in your garden as a soil conditioner and amendments. For instance, it balances the soil’s pH, improves air circulation, enhances its ability to retain moisture and nutrients, etc. Moreover, the charcoal acts for seasons in a row once you add it, making it a sustainable and healthy solution to many of your lawn’s problems. If the topic interests you, let’s see today what our experts say about it!

How to Prepare the Yard for Charcoal Addition

You must know that you will need about 1 pound of charcoal for every 2 square feet of landscape area. Our experts in lawn treatments in Potomac, VA, recommend you buy horticultural charcoal from a garden center and not charcoal meant for your barbecue.

Next, you have to clean the area: throw away vegetation, rocks, roots, debris, etc. Wait until the yard dries before you add the charcoal because you need to till the area about 8 inches deep, and wet soil is not an ideal element to work with.

When ready, you can either crush the charcoal and mix it with water to add it as a soil conditioner or till the briquettes into the soil. If you bury the charcoal, make sure you keep a 6-6 depth through and through to achieve the best results.

Make sure you don’t forget to water and fertilize the soil thoroughly after adding the charcoal. Ask our lawn fertilization and weed control company in Potomac, VA, for help. Your garden will be ready for planting once the ground is dried from irrigation and fertilization.

Benefits of Charcoal in Your Garden

Charcoal has many uses and benefits when you use it to boost your plants and vegetables’ health.

  • Soil conditioner and organic fertilizer due to its high levels of potassium;
  • Works as a soil additive, removing the foul odors in compost and manure piles;
  • Cleans the soil from herbicides;
  • Absorbs and removes pesticides from the soil;
  • Offers anti-fungal protection to your plants;
  • Works very well as a high-contrasting natural mulch, especially if you use it for white or light-colored flowers and flowerbeds;
  • Most gardeners use it as an organic insect repellent to keep some beetles away from their crops and homes.

If you want organic lawn treatments in Potomac, VA, or advice on using charcoal, don’t hesitate to contact our team!