Cool 2022 Trends in Landscaping in McLean VA

We know you can’t wait for spring to come and re-start working on your beautiful landscapes and gardens. While the weather is still unfriendly, you could learn about the latest trends in outdoor design. Our landscaping company in McLean, VA, chose some of the most interesting ideas to present to you today. Featured in international magazines and receiving awards, these trends need considering.

Extra Colorful Gardens

Experimenting with color and contrasts has never been so interesting. If you want to add excitement to your front yard, bold reds, purples, and oranges are the way to go. Our landscape designers in McLean, VA, recommend you try adding salvia, canna, crocosmia, or the newly released “Sun Magic” echinacea.

Experts agree that a color burst in our gardens will boost our positive energy and feelings. So for this spring and summer, an addition of salvia, freesias, cosmos, or allium will make your heart sing and your work from home (or patio) days more pleasant.

Modern Water Features

Our landscape designers in McLean, VA, have recommended this revamp project for years. Water features seem to be all the rage of 2022. But don’t think only about fountains and ponds. Instead, landscape architects discuss water features combined with mirrors, statues, solar lights, Mediterranean fountains, and “Zen gardens” built around these elements. The main idea is to combine xeriscaping with sophisticated water features while doubling as smart irrigation systems.

Eco-Friendly Gardens

Sustainable landscapes are by no means a new idea. Nevertheless, this year’s trend focuses on some interesting landscaping ideas:

  • Combining flowers with vegetables, herbs, and spices to cut down the lawn size and having fresh produce at the table at all times.
  • The use of locally sourced materials, seeds, plants, fertilizers, garden furniture, etc., to lower the carbon footprint of the import industry.
  • Installing smart irrigation systems and adding xeriscaping principles to landscaping.

All-Weather Outdoor Spaces

The lockdowns taught us that the happiest people were those who could spend their isolation days outside in their yards. Now, people want to use their yards all year round, including winter. For this reason, one of the crucial trends this year is outdoor architecture and construction. Our landscapists in McLean, VA, talk about turning natural spaces into cozy outdoor living rooms with separate areas for work, relaxation, and entertainment. Moreover, heated gazebos and sheds, outdoor kitchens and bars, decks, patios, fireplaces, etc., will be the hype of the year.

If you want to revamp your landscape this year, talk to our landscaping company in McLean, VA. Our designers will surely help you find the best solutions.