Weed Control & Fertilization

Weed Control & FertilizationOne of the keys to owning a healthy and beautiful lawn is regular lawn fertilization. Your lawn needs three elemental nutrients to thrive and survive the challenges it faces. Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus are these elements. Every lawn is different and the best blend of these three nurturing elements will differ from one lawn to the next.

The fertilization & weed control technicians at Green Hill Landscaping have many years of experience treating lawns of all shapes and sizes, and will formulate the best fertilizer mix to meet the specific needs of your lawn.

When it comes to lawn fertilization, as with many lawn related tasks, timing is of the utmost importance. An ideal fertilization schedule will vary depending on the type of grass you have planted on your lawn.

Lawn Weed Control and Fertilization Program: Eight applications applied annually. Lawns that receive regular treatments have fewer weeds, and are greener and healthier.

Give your lawn a great head-start for the growing season with our early season applications. Green Hill’s special mixture of weed-killing formula eliminates weeds more quickly and is environmentally friendly. Since your lawn’s needs change over the course of a year, we have created a comprehensive program that provides just the care needed at each point.

The Green Hill Landscaping Professional Lawn Care and Fertilization Program

  1. Early Spring – Pre-emergent crabgrass control with a balanced fertilizer.
  2. Spring – Post-emergent crabgrass control with a balanced fertilizer.
  3. Preventive Grub Control – Protects lawn against grub damage. Please Note: 2X per application price
  4. Early Summer – Broadleaf weed control, nutsedge control, balanced fertilizer.
  5. Summer – Broadleaf weed control, nutsedge control, balanced fertilizer.
  6. Late Summer – Balanced fertilizer to encourage rooting. Broadleaf weed control also to be applied.
  7. Liming – Applications will be performed to help neutralize soil acidity.
  8. Fall – Fertilization to stimulate root development and promote early Spring color.
 Note: Lawn Mowing Service a prerequisite, service not offered a la carte

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Frequently Asked Questions about Fertilization & Weed Control

Do I require the full fertilization program?

  • Typically, all properties require the core applications. We provide non-core applications as well. We also highly recommend preventative grub control and liming, as they help your lawn and landscape to benefit from full seasonal protection, as different types of weeds can lead each season to different kinds of problems.

Is lawn mowing a prerequisite of fertilization and weed control?

  • Regular lawn mowing services help us set a monitoring frequency that allows us to intervene promptly. It helps us build a proactive approach to weed control in your yard and your overall landscape.

When can I expect to see the outcomes?

  • We aim to reach the best outcomes for your lawn and landscape. To do that, we apply the right procedures and products at the right time. The looks and health of your garden improve, therefore, with every one of our visits. We do not apply a “one size fits all” type of approach, however. Acknowledging that each lawn is unique and has specific needs, we will adjust our interventions depending on the challenges we meet each time and make recommendations accordingly.

Can my family and pets use the serviced area right away?

  • Even if our applications are generally safe for people, children, and pets, we do recommend allowing the treatment to dry before you use the respective areas. Under normal circumstances (proper weather conditions), drying should not take more than 1-2 hours. 

Are your products safe?

  • As we mentioned above, we take the health of people, communities, and the environment in general very seriously. All the products we use come with registrations and certificates issued by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We select our products based on a handful of safety criteria, including the health, security, and preservation of people, wildlife, pets, and the environment.

When is it best to water my lawn depending on the application schedule?

  • For you to benefit fully from our application, you should water the lawn afterward. If you do not enjoy rain in the 24 hours following the intervention, you can offer your turf and landscape a robust soak.

What types of applications do you use?

  • Generally, we use a combination of both liquid and granular substances. In our experience, weed control works best with liquid materials, whereas specific granules make some of the best fertilizers on the market.