Mowing: The Best Tips from Our Lawn Care Potomac MD Experts

Mowing comes with at least two benefits – giving your lawn an orderly appearance and maintaining its thriving health. Many weeds, diseases, and pests are kept at bay only through regular mowing, which is a less obvious benefit of keeping that mower blade razor sharp. Our experts in lawn care in Potomac MD have agreed to share some of their best tips when it comes to proper lawn maintenance.

Expert Mowing Tips to Take the Guesswork Out of Your Yard Care

Mowing may seem simple, but it requires a rigorous know-how about how do it right. For instance, a dull mower blade can spell the difference between a healthy lush green lawn and disease-prone graying yard. Our lawn care Potomac MD specialists have 7 mowing tips for this season:

  1. Don’t mow with a dull mower blade – You may injure the grass irremediably, fray its edges, and make it more prone to disease and dehydration. Just like your hair, a lawn needs a clean cut to grow more vigorous and orderly. Also, a dull blade will shred the grass’ tips prompting it to go brown after a few days, turning your lawn into an unsightly appearance.
  2. Don’t mow when the grass is wet – This is another one of the worst things you could do to your yard. Mowing while the turf is damp is not only difficult, but it can also help spread disease since many nasty bacteria and fungi feel like home in a wet environment. Wait for the grass to dry out.
  3. Follow the one-third rule of mowing – Trim just one third of the current length of your grass; cutting the grass too short can stress the roots out and boost its risk of dehydration. Turf grass cut too short has smaller surface area to capture sunlight and turn it into food through photosynthesis.
  4. 4. Best time to mow is in late afternoon and early evening. Giving your yard a trim early in the morning or late in the evening is not advisable since the turf is still wet (see tip no. 2). But mowing the lawn at noon is not advisable either as under a blazing hot sun, the water from your freshly cut grass blades will evaporate in an instant. Plus, watering the lawn to fix the problem will just make things worse as the water droplets will burn the grass through a micro-magnifying-lens effect.
  5. Change the mowing pattern and direction every couple of weeks or so to prevent soil compaction and unsightly grass wear from your mower’s wheels, especially if it is a heavy machine.

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