Considerations for Every Season in Lawn Care – Great Falls VA

It is important to achieve a well-cared for lawn throughout the year. It requires thorough effort and some lawn care tasks are better done in a specific season of the year. This way, residents performing lawn care in Great Falls VA will have an efficient time doing these practices.

Spring Time Great Falls VA Lawn Care Tasks

This season provides a good opportunity to do your lawn care tasks. During spring time, it is best to focus efforts on maximizing the growth of the grass. First, you need to make sure that your lawnmower is properly maintained and in perfect condition. Make sure that the blades are sharp or replace them if they need replacing so that it won’t damage the lawn and to prevent unnecessary accidents. Another thing you need to check is the filter and spark plug. If these need replacement, make sure to do the necessary actions. Drain the gas from the lawn mower if it still has remaining fuel from the previous season. Fill it up again with gas, and before you start mowing, make sure the grass is dry to avoid spreading disease.

Twigs and leaves may have scattered in your backyard during winter. This may give you a hard time clearing the lawn if you did not immediately clear it. Start raking these debris before thinking about applying fertilizers and pesticides. The best time to use fertilizers for your lawn is during winter. This is when the grass begins to grow actively. Follow the prescribed directions if you plan to do this yourself. Aeration is also best done at springtime. The soil in your lawn becomes compacted and aeration is needed to make sure the grass is well nourished.

Summer Time Lawn Care in Great Falls VA Tasks

Before the summer begins, take a look at the grubs forming in your lawn that can damage the roots of the grasses. Aside from the noticeable presence of grubs, you’ll see brown patches on your lawn which means that pests could be present. Make mowing a regular task especially when you see that your grass grows at a faster pace. For you to achieve a healthy lawn, cut no more than a third of the grass blade.

Be on the lookout for weeds as they also manage to invade your lawn even if you applied herbicide. Manually remove these if you catch a few sprouting up your lawn. Use herbicides as your last option. In addition, you might want your grass to grow longer than the usual to curb the growth of weeds and provide better soil moisture. When mowing, it is okay to leave the cut off grass and let them decompose. For bigger debris such as leaves and twigs, it is important to clear all these off.

Fall Lawn Care Tasks for Great Falls VA

Falls is the best time to cover the bald spots of your lawn. Add compost to the soil and remove dead grass. Start to re-seed and water the spot until new grass emerged. Lastly, put the grass clippings on the area which you re-seeded for you to maintain soil moisture. One important point is to stay vigilant and observe your lawn if there is an accumulation of debris. Make it a habit to rake fallen leaves and twigs off your lawn to maintain its appealing beauty.